The Cartoon Network Hotel Is Opening In 2020

If you’re a proud 90’s kid, then I’m sure you’ve have grown up watching the swag bhara, Johnny Bravo, the ultimate superhero or heroines, Powerpuff Girls, insane Dexter’s Laboratory, Codename: Kid’s Next Door, bizarre Ed, Edd & Eddy, spine chilling Courage the Cowardly Dog, adventurous Samurai Jack and whatnot. Just naming these cartoons on our favourite channel Cartoon Network, is taking me down memory lane. These evergreen shows definitely made our childhood an amazing one. Well, if you’re feeling super nostalgic, then let’s tell you something that will unleash the child in you. The Cartoon Network Hotel, at Lancaster Pennsylvania, will be soon open for bookings for June 2020. We’re not squealing, you are!

Picture Credits: Cartoon Network

What’s In It?

The Cartoon Network Hotel will soon open in 2020 and you can finally get to literally live with your favourite cartoon characters. This resort is just as crazy and exciting as this is established by the people you literally brought your favourite cartoons to your living room. Yup, dreams do come true! The Cartoon Network Hotel is located in Lancaster Pennsylvania, right next to Dutch Wonderland and you will be soon able to make your bookings for June 2020.

Picture Credits: Cartoon Network

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And when you visit this place, you can live, breathe and experience your favourite cartoons. The character-themed guest rooms and dream suites, the quirky lobby will give you a feeling like you’re having a sleepover with your favourite characters. This 9-acre hotel will feature 165 rooms, an outdoor water park, an indoor pool, a game room, play area, cafe, a Cartoon Network souvenir store and much more. Besides, did you Check Out The cartoon-themed Cafe In Delhi?

Picture Credits: Cartoon Network

What’s More?

The CEO of Palace Entertainment, Rolf Paegert stated that the Cartoon Network Hotel will be unlike any other property in the region. He further added that the Cartoon Network characters and theming will bring the property to life. And it will also offer guests an interactive and magical experience around every turn. The hotel will set standards for guest-focused and theme lodging immersion. When it comes to unique hotels, Alibaba Opens First Future Hotel In China.

Picture Credits: Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network Hotel will also partner with Dutch Wonderland, which is an amusement park next door. Guests of the hotel can receive special admission discounts to the Dutch Wonderland park and its 35 family-friendly rides. The Cartoon Network Hotel’s exact opening date isn’t out yet. But you can definitely start planning your summer vacations here. The standard room pricing will start at $289( ₹20,737) a night and the hotel’s Dream Suite starts at $489 ( ₹35,088) a night. Well are super excited to get the chance to experience our childhood once again, so get your family along and experience a never before stay at the Cartoon Network Hotel this 2020. After all, it’s sugar, spice and everything nice!

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