Take A Sneak Peek At California’s Nutella Themed Hotel

Let’s admit it, if we ever had a competition to crown the King of all Chocolate Spreads, Nutella has got to be the winner right? The hazelnutty, chocolatey, creamy spread can make a slice of bread, a piece of biscuit, milkshake, waffle or anything taste out of this world. It’s mood changer, a game-changer and we just can’t have enough of it. Well, it’s not just you but hundreds of Nutella fans out there who wouldn’t mind spending a week at Nutella Island, where probably there would be waterfalls of thick chocolate spread and little cottages with a nutty taste. And now maybe those imaginations might become a reality. Nutella has announced the opening of Hotella Nutella, a Nutella themed hotel in California this January 2020. It will be a pop-up hotel which will be opened from 10th to 12th January 2020 for a few select fans and guests from the USA to have the ultimate Nutella experience.

Picture Credits: mirror.co.uk

What’s In It?

This pop-up Nutella themed hotel in California will be beautifully decorated. It will have larger than life jars of Nutella, hazelnut and chocolate-inspired hotel items and interesting breakfast decor. Hotella Nutella will be designed like the Nutella lovers’ dream vacation. The place will be adorned with waffle and crepe inspired props, Nutella themed blankets, pillows, wallpaper and much more.

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The Nutella Themed competition is open to USA residents and guests, where they will get the chance to prove their love for the chocolate spread through various competitions. Winners will get a round-trip coach air transportation, special breakfast prepared by celebrity chefs, stay at the Hotella Nutella and even eye-catching pancake creations with the pancake master Drdancake. Speaking about pancakes, Enjoy Over 15 Types Of Pancakes 99 Pancakes In Mumbai

Picture Credits: dailymail.co.uk

What’s More?

Hotella Nutella is, unfortunately, a pop-up hotel in California for only one weekend in January. Nevertheless, we hope that such pop-up hotels like Nestle’s KitKat pop up in South Africa, Reese’s New York City immersive experience, Carlsberg Beer’s chocolate pop up in London and now the recent Nutella themed hotel pop up in California, will soon come to India. It would be fun to have our own Hansel & Gretel experience of an entire house made up of delicious goodies right? Well, for now, slurp on your Nutella have to browse through the incredible pictures of the Hotella Nutella. Humara Nutella Time Bhi Aayega! You can Gorge On Amazing Nutella Buns At Papparoti In Gurugram

Sanjana Shenoy
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