The Historic Trans Bhutan Trail Opens For The First Time After 60 Years

Trans Bhutan Trail
by Suchismita Pal 441

The 16th-century Trans Bhutan Trail (TBT) is all set to open for the first time after a gap of 60 years. The historic trail runs for 403 kilometres and connects nine districts, two national parks and 28 local governments. In the ancient era, it was a pilgrimage route for monks and traders travelling from eastern to western Bhutan and Tibet. 

Bhutan will be reopening borders for international travellers on September 23, 2022, after remaining shut for over 2.5 years due to COVID-19. The Trans Bhutan Trail will open for visitors from all around the globe on September 28, 2022. 

Trans Bhutan Trail Opens For Nature Lovers And Adventure Enthusiasts

The Trans Bhutan Trail connects Haa in west Bhutan with Trashigang in the east. The scenic Haa Valley lies close to the Indo-Tibetan border. The trail is flanked by towering Himalayan peaks, verdant valleys and stunning mountain ridges. Nearly, 400 historic and cultural landmarks of Bhutan fall on the route. The reopening of the trail can give a boost to Bhutan’s economy and also help in the growth of the local communities. The picturesque vistas along the trail will entice nature aficionados, photographers, botanists and birdwatchers.

Trans Bhutan Trail

Picture Credits: Press Release

According to a press release, Sam Blyth, Chair of the Bhutan Canada Foundation said, “The Trans Bhutan Trail will significantly contribute to the expansion of sustainable and ecotourism by encouraging intrepid visitors and explorers from India to participate in community-based experiences. Our aim is to help local communities to enhance tourism amenities and provide visitors with the experience of a lifetime.”

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The Trail Will Provide Trekking And Hiking Opportunities

The trail will offer trekking, hiking and running opportunities to adventure enthusiasts from across the globe. The entire trail can be covered in the span of a month. Thrillseekers can also embark on half-day, full-day and seven-day treks. Shorter-duration tours along the route can also be curated for tourists.

Trans Bhutan Trail

Picture Credits: Press Release

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Homestays, campsites and hotels will offer accommodation facilities along the trail. They will especially come to the aid of adventurers embarking on long treks.

Feature Image Credits: Press Release