Bhutan Has Re-Opened Its Borders For Tourism. Everything You Need To Know

by Sushmita Mahanta
Bhutan Has Re-Opened Its Borders For Tourism. Everything You Need To Know

The Land of the Thunder Dragon brings in good news for all you travel enthusiasts!
After a two-year pandemic break, Bhutan is now open to international tourism without quarantine from September 23rd. However, the Tourism Council Of Bhutan said in a press release that this time the country will mainly focus on the sustainability of the tourism sector. The Himalayan country has increased its sustainable development fees from $65 per person per night to $200 (nearly INR 15,985)! Bhutan will now levy a ‘sustainable development fee’ of $15 (Rs 1,200) per person per day for Indians and $200 (Rs 16,000) per person per day for other nationalities.
Well, it’s true that a tourist will now have to pay hefty taxes to explore the country. But trust us, the breathtaking greens and the majestic monasteries of Bhutan are worth every penny spent!

Bhutan Tourism Aims To Create High-Value Experiences For Tourists

The Tourist Council of Bhutan (TCB) aims to advertise Bhutan as a high-end tourist vacation spot. Following that TCB determines to only certify 3-star plus lodges and homestays.
Dr. Tandi Dorji, Foreign Minister of Bhutan and the Chairperson of the Tourism Council reveal, “COVID-19 has allowed us to reset.”
The Tourism Council now rethinks about structuring the sector at its best because that will benefit Bhutan economically. Benefits will also come in the social sector while keeping carbon footprints low.

“In the long run, our goal is to create high-value experiences for visitors, and well-paying and professional jobs for our citizens,” further adds Dr. Dorji.

The Himalayan Country Is Dealing With Heavy Tourist Inflow From India and More

Bhutan is currently dealing with heavy tourist inflow from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh, because of which the border securities are on high alert. According to Union house ministry officials, the border guarding force, Sashastra Seema Bal, and local administration are tending to the friction areas.
The Economic Times further quoted an official saying that hotels are facing a shortage of wheat flour after India restricted the export of wheat.
“Many Jaigaon-based importers are protesting over a Royal Monetary Authority order which stated Bhutan’s exporters have to receive money from residents in India as INR and through the banking channel,” adds the official.

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So what are you waiting for? Bhutan is now open for you to explore, go book your tickets!

This story was published on September 14th and has been updated on September 24th.