The Inspiring Story Behind Jaipur’s Gulab Ji Chaiwala

by Madhusree Chatragadda
The Inspiring Story Behind Jaipur’s Gulab Ji Chaiwala

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Established over 70 years ago, Gulab Ji Chaiwala has emerged as Jaipur’s favourite Chai! At Rs 20 a glass, here’s what makes this Chai so special.

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What Is It?

Standing strong at 94 years, Gulab Ji recounts how his small stall that served Chai soon had so many followers that he opened a shop despite drawing flak from his own family members.


” I started with a small cart in 1947, I come from a Rajput family & when I first opened a chai stall not everyone appreciated the act. They used to often keep a distance with me saying that this is not good work and now they all are loving it!”

Ailing health and old age has not kept him from serving people, even at 94.

Credits: cityofjaipur

“If you are a lazy person you won’t  be able to do anything and if you’re active & if you have struggled throughout your life you’ll automatically feel enthusiastic.  When you start serving people you’ll get the energy to do more!” he says recalling how he began his Tea stall with a mere Rs 130.

What’s More?

Gulab Ji also makes it a point to always share his resources and dishes with those cannot afford to buy his Tea and Bun Maska, without compromising on the quality.

“At 6 in the morning 200 to 250 beggars gather outside the stall and I give them some tea along with 4 slices of bread.”

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So what makes his tea so special? People say that unlike other Chaiwalas, Gulab Ji never mixes his tea with water, it is pure milk and a special mix of masala that makes it the best Chai ever! Gulab Ji himself says,“There is nothing different about my tea, only love makes it special.”

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How inspiring is that?! Keep rocking Gulabji!

Address: Gulab Ji Chaiwala,B-5, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Cost: Rs 100 approx
Contact: 096101 49121