The Journey Of Veeral Patel From ₹35 To ₹13 Crore, The Owner Of Gaurav Sweets

by Mrunal Mahajan
The Journey Of Veeral Patel From ₹35 To ₹13 Crore, The Owner Of Gaurav Sweets

We are here to share with you the journey of Veeral Patel, who is the owner of Gaurav Sweets in Thane. He first came to Mumbai with a minimum amount of ₹35 and today he is the owner of a ₹13 crore sweet business. Let’s take a look at how he made it big!

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He first began working at a stationery shop in Mumbai and it was very difficult for him as it was a new city, new experiences and he had left his family behind. It was a very difficult phase for him and he wasn’t even paid for the first 6 months. After seeing his work his boss started paying him ₹250 and this happened in the year 1983.

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He switched jobs and eventually landed up in Thane at a relative’s shop and was offered to work as a partner. After a lot of struggle, he managed to buy his own flat in thane. Fortunately, his shop was a success and after that, there was no looking back! His hard hard work over the years paid off and he started earning well.

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In the year 2015, as per a friend’s suggestion, he got in to selling sweets and invested ₹30 lac in that business. He has nearly 300 varieties of sweets and apart from that he also sells namkeen, dry fruits among other things. Today he owns 6 sweet shops and all the branches are in Mumbai.

Per day the shop earned nearly ₹25,000 rupees and now his annual turnover is ₹13 lakh. His sweet shop is renowned and loved in the city! They have managed to provide quality to their customers.