Zomato Delivery Boy Pathikrit Saha Feeds Street Kids With Cancelled Orders

by Angel Srivastava
Zomato Delivery Boy Pathikrit Saha Feeds Street Kids With Cancelled Orders

Remember earlier this year when a video of a Zomato delivery guy eating the food meant for delivery went viral? Well, Zomato executives faced a lot of backlash after that and people in a way started looking down upon the delivery guys that showed up at their doorstep with the food. If you are one of those whose perspective took a hit with that video, well then here is the story of Pathikrit Saha, a Zomato Executive based out of Kolkata, and commonly known as ‘Roll Kaku’ in his neighborhood.

Image Credits: The Better India

What Is It?

Pathikrit is known as ‘Roll Kaku’  because whenever any of his orders gets cancelled on Zomato, he feeds the leftover food to hungry street kids. These dishes mostly include eggs, biryani, chicken rolls and any other food item that might have been cancelled. He also arranges occasional feasts for the children and takes out the time to give them free lessons.

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Pathikrit’s journey began four years ago when he came to face a teenaged boy who was addicted to drugs and begging on the streets. His encounter with the boy sent him into a realization that something needed to be done to make the lives of these children easier.

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He started by giving them free lessons in the evening, which were attended by seventeen children. He soon realised that they needed a steady income to stay on track. So, he helped them set up juice and water stalls. He used to organise clothes donation drives in his locality. It was during one such drive that he realized the hunger problem that prevailed in the society. Children used to ask for lunch boxes every six months so that they could take a part of their mid-day meal to feed their families.

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What’s In It?

When a customer cancels their order, the delivery guys are instructed to either return the food or take it home. While most guys take the food home, Pathikrit followed his heart and decided to feed the underprivileged children living in the Dum Dum Cantonment Railway Station.

He also has his own non-profit NGO which goes by the name ‘Help Foundation’.

He believes that while he may just be a Zomato Delivery person for rest of the world, there is a group of children in the Dum Dum Cantonment area that look up to him as an elder brother and confidant.

We hope others take inspiration from his journey and do their part for a better future. The world is in dire need of more Pathikrit Sahas.