Nobody Shall Go Hungry In Gurugram As G-Town Gets Its First Community Fridge

by Angel Srivastava
Nobody Shall Go Hungry In Gurugram As G-Town Gets Its First Community Fridge

We are proud to tell you that the local residents of sector 54 Gurugram have taken a huge step towards ending the wastage of food as well as world poverty. After the success of such initiatives in Kerala and Mumbai, locals in Gurugram, sector 54 have opened their first community fridge offering free food to the  to ensure than nobody goes hungry again.

Image Credits: India Today

What Is It?

Every year over 40% food produced in India goes to waste, while hundreds of people still go to bed empty stomach every night. According to surveys the amount of food wasted in India is enough to feed the entire United Kingdom.

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Image Credits: India Today

India is one of the worst ranked countries on the Global Hunger Scale. This community fridge could be an answer to both, the food wastage problem, as well as the hunger problem, as people who cannot afford to buy food can access free food here.

Image Credits: Homegrown

The initiative was introduced by 30 families living in Gurugram’s sector 54. The community fridge is installed at the exit gate of Suncity Flats in Sector 54 where everyone is welcome to donate food – veg or non veg – which is then supplied to the needy free of cost.

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Image Credits: Hindustan Times

What’s More?

Initially the residents tried to get a brand to sponsor the fridge but eventually when that didn’t work out, they contributed money and bought one fridge to move ahead with the noble cause.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

The main brain behind this initiative was Rahul Khera’s, who is an IT professional living in Gurgaon, and a member of Sharing Shelves which is an organisation that helps reduce food waste in India.

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Image Credits: India Times

According to him, the community fridge is part of a bigger initiative which aims at waste management and segregating the dry waste that is recyclable. Over 30 families are involved in the initiative

Hope that other societies and cities can come come together and take such steps towards a better society.