The Legend Of Suhail Star: Temperatures In UAE Expected To Go Down With The Sighting Of The Star

by Anupriya Mishra
The Legend Of Suhail Star: Temperatures In UAE Expected To Go Down With The Sighting Of The Star

It’s no secret that the UAE has been reeling under the harsh summer weather that’s making stepping out during the day a challenging task. With day-to-day life affected, people are going out of their way, looking for a solution to escape the scorching heat. However, it seems that respite from these harsh temperatures might soon come our way as the sighting of the Suhail Star is expected in mid-August. Here’s all about it.

When Will Suhail Star Be Sighted?

UAE Summer Advisory
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According to reports, it is expected that the Sulhail Star will be spotted on August 24. It is particularly an important event in the UAE, as with the sighting comes a respite in the temperatures. In case you aren’t aware, this celestial event has traditionally been known for marking the end of the extreme heat and bringing in more pleasant temperatures. With this, UAE residents can expect cooler evenings and comfortable days. According to a report by Khaleej Times, it was revealed that Ibrahim Al Jarwan, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, revealed on Twitter that with the appearance of the Suhail Star, there is a signal of change in summer and a promise of a decrease in scorching temperatures.

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What Is The Legend Of The Suhail Star

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If you are still wondering about the legend of the Suhail Star, there is an interesting story about this celestial event, for those who aren’t aware, this is the second brightest star in the sky and is supposed to be 27 million years old. According to the story, a handsome youth name, Suhail or Canopus married a maiden, Al Jauza or Orion. However, he later murdered her in a fit of jealousy! As a result, he had to flee and was chased by Sirius, the dog star, all the way to the South. It is believed he remains there even today! While the mythology behind this star is quite tumultuous, it still remains one of the most beloved stars in the Arab world. And with its sighting, the temperatures in the UAE can expect to drop gradually after a few days.

Let’s hope the temperatures drop soon and offer us much-needed relief from the harsh summers.

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