The Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants List Is Out; Dubai’s Orfali Bros Bistro Ranks 1st

by Deeplata Garde
The Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants List Is Out; Dubai’s Orfali Bros Bistro Ranks 1st

The gala night to celebrate and announce the star restaurants of MENA region was grand. From food to music, everything at The MENA’s 50 Best restaurants ceremony screamed luxury. On Monday night, the MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants grand ceremony took place at the Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers. The event was sponsored by S. Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.

Dubai Restaurants Takes The Limelight From The MENA List

For the second iteration of the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants awards,  the culinary elite of the food world gathered in the UAE evening last evening. A committee of 250 anonymous electors chooses the eateries. Each voter is allowed to pick 7 eateries from the entire region.

The Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Levant-plus, Israel, North Africa (East), and North Africa are the six regions that make up the Academy (West). Each region has a panel of representatives, along with a chairperson known as the Academy Chair to serve as its leader. The panel consists of well-known gourmets, chefs, restaurant owners, food journalists, and critics. Every MENA Academy member selected seven restaurants for the 2023 list. At least two of which were beyond the member’s home country. The voting method is unaffected by any of the event’s sponsors.

Orfali Bros Bistro, the region’s top restaurant, was named at the event, which was held in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi. The restaurant’s personnel appeared on stage to accept the prize.

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Here’s The List Of The MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants

  1. Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai, UAE
  2. Tresind Studio, Dubai, UAE
  3. Fusions by Tala, Manama, Bahrain 
  4. Ossiano, Dubai, UAE
  5. 3 Fils, Dubai, UAE
  6. George & John, Tel Aviv, Israel
  7. Kinoya, Dubai, UAE
  8. Fakhreldin, Amman, Jordan 
  9. Zooba, Cairo, Egypt 
  10. Moonrise, Dubai, UAE
  11. Reif Kushiyaki, Dubai, UAE
  12. Kazoku, Cairo, Egypt
  13. Zuma, Dubai, UAE
  14. OCD, Tel Aviv, Israel
  15. Lowe, Dubai, UAE
  16. Baron, Beirut, Lebanon 
  17. Gaia, Dubai, UAE
  18. Myazu, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
  19. Tawlet Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon
  20. Em Sherif, Beirut, Lebanon 
  21. LPM, Dubai, UAE
  22. Sachi, Giza, Egypt
  23. Marble, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  24. A by Yuval Ben Neriah, Tel Aviv, Israel
  25. CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Manama, Bahrain
  26. Hoseki, Dubai, UAE
  27. La Grande Table Marocain, Marrakech, Morocco 
  28. Coya, Dubai, UAE
  29. Shams El Balad, Amman, Jordan
  30. Sachi, Cairo, Egypt
  31. Masso, Manama, Bahrain
  32. Animar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  33. Coya, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  34. La Closerie, Tunis, Tunisia 
  35. 11 Woodfire, Dubai, UAE
  36. Sufra, Amman, Jordan
  37. Iloli, Casablanca, Morocco
  38. LPM, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  39. Sesamo, Marrakech, Morocco
  40. Milgo Milbar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  41. Alee, Amman, Jordan
  42. White Robata, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  43. Zuma, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  44. Jun’s, Dubai, UAE
  45. Reif Kushiyaki, Cairo, Egypt
  46. +61, Marrakech, Morocco
  47. 13C Bar in the Back, Amman, Jordan
  48. HaBasta, Tel Aviv, Israel
  49. Hakkasan, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  50. Bonjiri, Salmiya, Kuwait

These are the Middle East & North Africa’s Best 50 restaurants of 2023.

Cover Image Courtesy: TheWorlds50Best