The Story Of Monsooned Malabar: How Coastal Winds Craft A Distinctive Coffee Experience?

Indulge in a brew that whispers tales of spice, wood, and hints of chocolate encapsulated in every sip.

by Mallika Khurana
The Story Of Monsooned Malabar: How Coastal Winds Craft A Distinctive Coffee Experience?

In the world of coffee, where every bean boasts its own story, nuances, and flavours, there exists a caffeinated treasure that stands gloriously apart—enter the extraordinary Monsooned Malabar. While stories about terroir and roasting methods frequently compete with coffee beans for attention, this specific brew is exceptional. It weaves a narrative so unique and captivating that it leaves other beans envious of its journey. What, then, distinguishes Monsooned Malabar from the many other excellent coffee beans out there? Allow me to paint a picture of its unparalleled charm and distinctive allure.

Monsooned Malabar, A Coastal Symphony In A Cup!

Photo Credits: Canva

Monsooned Malabar—an exotic gem nestled within the realm of coffee! Picture this: along the southwest coast of India, amidst the lush landscapes, lies the birthplace of this peculiar and mesmerising brew. So, what exactly is this Monsooned Malabar, you ask? It’s not just your average cup of joe. No, no. This coffee undergoes a rather unconventional transformation. Once plucked, these green coffee beans are exposed to the whims of the monsoon winds and the coastal elements, embracing the humid air that dances in from the Arabian Sea.

A Journey Through The Unique Ageing Of Coffee

Malabar coffee beans
Photo Credits: Canv

You might wonder what makes it so exceptional. That would be this particular ageing process! These beans are spread out in warehouses with open sides for several months so that the tropical air can do its magic. They expand in size and acquire a unique, mild flavour profile that sets them apart from other coffees due to their swelling and absorption of moisture.

This wonderful journey through coffee takes place on the Malabar coast of Karnataka and Kerala. These coastal areas offer the perfect temperature and humidity to bring out the unique character of Monsooned Malabar. The beans rest, soaking up the moisture from the monsoon and the coastal air, giving rise to this robust, smooth, low-acid flavour profile that coffee lovers all over the world adore.

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A Slow-Aged Elegance And Unique Taste

Malabar coffee
Photo Credits: Canva

And the flavour? You are about to embark on a sensory journey! There has been an incredible metamorphosis in this coffee. An earthy, full-bodied brew is produced as the acidity of the beans mellows with age. Say you can imagine a cup that carries subtle notes of chocolate, wood, and spices. It is a fascinating experience that takes your taste buds on a voyage through the Malabar coast’s monsoon-soaked landscapes.

When you sip on a cup of Monsooned Malabar, you’re not just tasting a beverage; you’re savouring the essence of a region, the mastery of an unconventional ageing process, and the sheer wonder of nature’s influence on flavour.

It’s a coffee that doesn’t just tantalise the palate; it enchants the soul with its rich history, distinctive taste, and the artistry of its creation. In a world where coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up, Monsooned Malabar stands tall, beckoning with its rich history, distinctive flavours, and the sheer marvel of its creation. 

It’s not merely a coffee; it’s an experience—a captivating journey through the coastal terrains and monsoon-kissed landscapes that birthed this extraordinary elixir.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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