The World’s Longest Desert Ultra Marathon Is Coming To Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar
The World’s Longest Desert Ultra Marathon Is Coming To Dubai

Under 140 Characters 

Al Marmoom 270km Ultramarathon which is the world’s longest desert ultramarathon will commence from 11th – 15th December 2018. 

What Is It 

The Al Marmoom Ultramarathon will be spread across 5 days. The marathon will be divided into 5 different stages that will include overnight camping.  The race will take place across the Al Marmoom Desert Reserve located in Dubai. The price for the 270 Km run is AED 6,132 that will include accommodation of 6 nights in the camp. They also have a 50km and 100km ultra run which are continuous races and will include one overnight camp before the start. 

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Credit: Al Marmoom Ultramarathon

What Else?

The race can be taken by Male, Female or in teams. The first place in the 270km run will get AED 21,900 for the individual category. The camp will have basic refreshments, water, medical assistance and tents. All the three races will have various checkpoints across the race that will have water, timekeeping, medical and race crew. You can experience from hard sand tracks to soft moving dunes during the run. 

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Credit: Al Marmoom Ultramarathon

Race Eligibility 

In order to qualify for the race, you need to be over 18 years with a medical certificate that certifies your ability to take part in the race. Participants will also have to submit an ECG report print-out, dated less than 30days, prior to the race to be eligible for entry.

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Location: Al Marmoom Desert Reserve, Dubai.
Dates: 11th – 15th December 2018.
Price:  AED 876 (50km), 3,102 (100km), AED 6132 (270km)
Age: 18 years and above
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