There Was Once A Sex Museum In India

by Shreya Rathod
There Was Once A Sex Museum In India

Do you know that Mumbai had a sex museum? Moreover, BMC or Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, the city’s regulatory body, operated it. However, we know, the outlook towards sex education in India is not as open as in other countries. Therefore, under the pretext of shifting the venue, they shut down the whole museum. Here is the story of the first and only sex museum in the country.

Antarang – Sex Health Information Art Gallery

sex museum
Credits: Wikimedia

Among many sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS is the most dangerous. The sudden rise in HIV/AIDS-positive people and to tackle this situation, Antarang Museum emerged. In 2002, the sole aim of this museum was to educate the old and young about AIDS, the human body, and sexuality. The museum had wooden and plastic models that displayed human anatomy. Also, they had a presentation on pregnancy to create awareness about the reproduction process.

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The Shutdown Of The Sex Museum

The museum was in Kamathipura, the city’s red-light area. Gradually, it became popular among sex workers. However, the museum failed to receive visitors and had to shut down. A claim said that the museum leaked in the monsoon and the models were damaged. A private developer would develop the museum. There was also a plan to upgrade the museum with audio-visual and animation for kids from school.

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Sex education is one of the most important topics. It is important to build such museums to give required information on sexuality, sex education, and untimely pregnancy.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia