These 3 Sites In Odisha Are Now Biodiversity Heritage Sites; Govt Launches Sustainable Tourism

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
These 3 Sites In Odisha Are Now Biodiversity Heritage Sites; Govt Launches Sustainable Tourism

Odisha, which was known as Kalinga in the ancient days, is one of the most beautiful states in India. It is known as one of the best destinations for experiencing the beauty of nature. The state is blessed with beautiful beaches, stunning temples, beautiful heritage sites, natural parks, and delicious food. Three Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS) have been recently designated by the Government of Odisha. 

These 3 Sites In Odisha Are Now Biodiversity Heritage Sites

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The Odisha government announced three sites as Biodiversity Heritage Sites. The Mandasaru Hills in the Kandhamal district, the Mahendragiri Hills in the Gajapati district, and the Gandhamardan Hills in the Bolangir and Bargarh districts.

An alternative source of income for the communities that depend on the forest is community-based ecotourism. Communities nearby participate in ecotourism activities, and the advantages are split among them to help them with their income. 

The Government of Odisha has created a Nature Camp in the Mandasaru Hills and Gandhamardan Hills. These ecotourism locations offer a variety of activities, such as seeing waterfalls, a watch tower, cycling, a children’s park, a plantation, a dining hall, a nature walk, trekking, birding, and a pilgrimage site at Harishankar or Nrusinghnath.

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Funds Are Allocated To The Board

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In order to manage the Nature Camps, eco-development committees, Vana Sanrakshyana Samities, and eco-tourism organizations have been founded in the villages. Six members of the Eco-tourism Group work at the Nrusinghnath Nature Camp, compared to 16 members working at the Mandasaru Valley Nature Camp. Additionally, locals have received eco-guiding training, providing them with a new source of income.

The Institute of Hotel Management and the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management run training programs. This is to help participants improve their skills in a variety of areas, including hospitality, housekeeping, sanitation, cleaning, communication skills, food cuisine, and check-in and check-out procedures.

Funds have been given to the Odisha Biodiversity Board for the purpose of training and capacity building. Eco Development Committees, Vana Sanrakshyana Samities, and Eco-tourism Group members are the ones. This is to develop eco-guides for the identification of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, conservation of indigenous species, and organization of trails and trekking routes for better awareness among eco-tourists in that area.

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