Odisha Plans On Wooing Vietnamese Tourists With Buddhist Monasteries & Sites; Hosts Roadshow In Hanoi

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Odisha Plans On Wooing Vietnamese Tourists With Buddhist Monasteries & Sites; Hosts Roadshow In Hanoi

Odisha tourism hosted an amazing roadshow in Vietnam’s Hanoi. The massive roadshow for Odisha Tourism in the capital of Vietnam, was a huge success. More than 130 tour and travel companies from Vietnam attended the event. The Department representatives invited attendees to the event to visit some of Odisha’s many tourist destinations and landmarks, especially the Buddhist circuit. The opening session started with meetings involving stakeholders from Vietnam and Odisha on a business and government level.

Odisha Conducts Roadshow In Hanoi

Odisha Tourism organised a roadshow in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the third leg of its international tourism promotional campaign with the aim of attracting travellers from Southeast Asia.

While showcasing the variety of tourism options offered by Odisha, director of tourism Sachin Ramchandra Jadhav stated that the roadshow offers a chance for Vietnamese industry stakeholders to connect with their counterparts in Odisha and explore opportunities for tourism development. 

He shed light on the various tourism products Odisha has been offering to draw visitors from Vietnam, especially the Buddhist circuit, by drawing comparisons between the cultures of the two regions and the historic connection between Kalinga (previously Odisha) and Champa (previously Southern Vietnam).

Both Rachna Srivastav, First Secretary (Consular), Embassy of India in Vietnam, and Phan Lan Tu, Chairperson of the Hanoi Vietnam India Friendship Association, made a request to the Vietnamese tour operators to create and curate unique packages for tourists to experience the Buddhist sites of Odisha.

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Home To Many Illustrious Structures

Odisha is home to a number of illustrious Buddhist structures and places. Lalitgiri, which is situated between the valleys of the two rivers Birupa and Chitrotpala, is one of them. The oldest of the three Buddhist Diamond Triangle monasteries, as they are known in this state, is also known as Naltigiri. 

Udayagiri, the largest location in the BDT trio, is another draw. It is located between the foothills of two Eastern Ghats mountain ranges.

The most well-known and extensively excavated site of the BDT triangle is Ratnagiri. One of the most famous Buddhist sites in the world is the Monastery’s exquisitely carved entrance gate.

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