These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Videos Of Curly Tales ME In 2023

From Khalid Ameri to Ebraheem Al Samadi, catch on the action of this videos!

by Deeplata Garde
These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Videos Of Curly Tales ME In 2023

Bidding farewell to the year and entering a new one can be a challenging thing to do. But what makes it exciting is the new opportunities that come along with it. So here we are saying goodbye to 2023 and reliving nostalgia quickly. At Curly Tales Middle East we have received an abundance of love from our viewers and here’s a look at the top 10 most-watched videos of 2023. So take a look as we cherish our beautiful journey through this year!

Top 10 Most-Watched Videos Of 2023 At Curly Tales Middle East

1. Sunday Brunch With Khalid Ameri In Dubai

Well, what can we say about the famous Instagram food influencer from the Middle East? The most humble and warm person we came across, Khalid Ameri has given us a detailed tour of Dubai with open hands. My interaction with him has been all about authentic food, the alleys of Dubai and the past of the Emirate. Now you know why it has been the most-watched video of the year!

2. The Legends Ft. Shahid Afridi

The renowned former cricketer from Pakistan, Shahid Afridi has his heart in Dubai. Although we had the opportunity to meet the Legend at Qatar stadium while he was playing for the Legend League after a long period. The cricketer is not just great with the sport but is also an absolute big-time foodie who can’t resist Sindhi Chicken Biryani. Well, the conversation with Shahid Afridi on the pitch was all about scrumptious food, his love for travel and a quick game.

3. Jeddah: The Beachtown Of Saudi Arabia

Recently, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani visited Jeddah and instantly fell in love with this beach town. We ain’t surprised at the fact of how she felt it would be a great idea to move to this city. From visiting the highest fountain in the world to exploring the souks and markets of the city, we had an amazing time. We were lost in experiencing the delicious food, tourist spots and much more. Be it a stroll through the corniche, visiting the gate of Mecca or exploring the famous seafood market, we have collected a lot of memories to cherish and you should definitely have a look!

4. Sunday Brunch With Safa Siddiqui In Dubai

If you wish to see what a day in rich people’s life looks like in Dubai, you need to have a sneak peek at Safa Siddiqui’s video. From owning a beachside house in Dubai to dressing up fashionably even to visit a supermarket, Dubai Bling’s most entertaining star, Safa Siddiqui revealed some facts from her lavish and fabulous life in this video.

5. Abha, The Misty Wonderland Of Saudi Arabia

For the ones who think Saudi Arabia is all about tall buildings and desserts, well you never heard of Abha, the misty wonderland of the Kingdom. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, seized this chance to discover the tranquil and splendid destination. It is a must-see place in winter, but also a wonderland in summer. Every place, from the Al Muftaha village to Rijal Almaa, has its own charm and history. Don’t forget the watch the delightful authentic food we found in Abha!

6. Sunday Brunch With Jumana Khan In Dubai

From visiting her beautiful house to relishing authentic food from Kerela, our Sunday Brunch with the famous influencer was a hit. Starting her journey on Tik Tok approximately seven years ago, Jumana Khan told us how her life fully changed after she started creating content on social media. So check out this video to learn more about her passion towards fashion and dance and her life in Dubai as a celebrated Social Media Queen.

7. In Conversation With The Quick Style

Dancing fans out there, here’s a band that would might be familiar with. Ever heard of Quickstyle? Well, sure you have and that’s why this video of the dance band has been breaking the records. The passionate group of dancers who performed at FIFA 2022 made headlines with their performance. We had a quick chat with them and the conversation revealed a lot of secrets about the members. Want to know more about it? Click above and watch the video quickly.

8. Sunday Brunch With Zeina At Palazzo Versace Dubai

Want to know the most influential cast member of Dubai Bling? Well, only three words can describe her the best. Have you heard someone saying, I Am The Company? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Zeina Khoury, the most powerful woman we have met in Dubai! The Boss Woman has left no stone unturned to become rich and successful in Dubai and our Sunday Brunch with her was full of strategies, food and more.

9. Sunday Brunch With Ebraheem Al Samadi

We met the richest member of Dubai Bling, Ebhraeem Al Samadi. The owner of the most famous cafe, Forever Rose in Dubai gave us a lot of insight into the show while we grabbed a bite. His journey rags-to-riches, his love for travel and Indian food and his experiences on the Dubai Bling show kept us hooked for more! Don’t forget to check it out yourself.

10. AlUla: Mars On Earth In Saudi Arabia

Follow our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya, on a mesmerizing journey from Madina to AlUla, immersing in the captivating landscapes of Saudi Arabia.

Experience the empowerment of women as she takes the wheel and embarks on the drive from Madina to AlUla, showcasing a newfound liberty granted in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Which one of these videos did you watch the most?

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