These Are The Top 20 Amusement Parks In The US And 8 From Florida Are On The List!

by Shreya Rathod
These Are The Top 20 Amusement Parks In The US And 8 From Florida Are On The List!

As millions of people visit the world’s most popular theme park this summer, travellers have been advised on the greatest amusement parks to visit in America. The Top 20 US theme parks have been examined by They are evaluated based on the essential components that make American theme park vacations unique. Millions of tourists who travel to America each year may find it difficult to decide which of the approximately 400 renowned amusement parks to visit. The greatest theme parks in the US have now been ranked comprehensively by vacation experts based on many criteria, including proximity to airports, admission costs, and the overall amount of attractions.

Disneyland California Tops The List!

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It is not surprising that the original is still the greatest, with Disneyland, California leading the list. It receives over 18 million visitors each year. Disney is unsurpassed when it comes to catering to everyone’s needs, having by far and away the most food and drink options with 119. However, the honour of having the highest attractions goes to Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, which ranks third on the list. 

In the rating, Cedar Point, Ohio, which comes in at number two, surpasses all the Universal Parks and Disney attractions headquartered in Florida. With 72 attractions, the self-described “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” scores shockingly high and is the least expensive of all to visit, costing only $45 during prime hours. The lack of surrounding hotels at Cedar Point and Hersheypark, Pennsylvania’s largest park and one with the most attractions. This indicates that American thrill-seekers are the target audience for these parks.

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Top 20 American Amusement Parks 

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Apart from the top three amusement parks, here are 20 parks according to their ranks: 

  • Disneyland, California
  • Cedar Point, Ohio
  • Hersheypark, Pennsylvania
  • Universal’s Islands Of Adventure, Florida
  • EPCOT, Florida
  • Knott’s Berry Farm, California
  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida
  • Six Flags Great America, Illinois
  • Dollywood, Tennessee
  • Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
  • Disney California Adventure, California
  • Universal Studios Hollywood, California
  • Kings Island, Ohio
  • Universal Studios Florida
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida
  • SeaWorld Orlando, Florida
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, California
  • SeaWorld San Diego, California

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So, when are you visiting? 

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