These Are The Top 3 International Airports Of UAE

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Airports serve as the nation’s lifelines. They are operating round-the-clock at all hours so that our life doesn’t get affected. Thousands of flights each week and numerous flights per minute fly at some of the world’s most popular airports. When it comes to the UAE, there are numerous world-class airports. All these are rated for their performance, effectiveness, efficiency, and architecture. Here are the top 3 International Airports of UAE.

1. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport has lived up to be the busiest of all international airports in the world. But is also considered to be the best airport to travel from when in UAE. The flow of traffic is living proof of how this airport ranks at the top compared to other airports. The current estimates suggest that around 27.9 million passengers are using DXB International Airport. Apart from travel, this airport is a favourite for multiple reasons. You have a wide range of options to shop and eat from. The Haute brands have made this airport their home. Nearly 250 countries on all six continents connect more than 100 airlines through the Dubai International Airport.

2. Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is home to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Following the Dubai International Airport, AUH is the country’s second-largest airport. Yearly traffic volumes at the Abu Dhabi International Airport can reach 30 million.

It serves as the headquarters for Etihad Airways, one of the major international airlines. Some travellers prefer to check-in in the central city centre. The airport in downtown Abu Dhabi has established a prior check-in facility. This structure resembles an airport terminal building. It is famous as the City Terminal. It contains a lounge in addition to transportation amenities.

3. Sharjah International Airport

The Sharjah International Airfield has a reputation for being the third-highest middle Eastern cargo centre. This International Airfield has a reputation for being the third-highest middle Eastern cargo centre. Every year, the Sharjah air carriers handle around 600,000 tonnes of freight. Air Arabia’s headquarter is at Sharjah Freight Center. This international airport observes around 4 million tourist traffic.

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