These 7 Asian Countries Have Relaxed Covid Restrictions

by Sanmita A
These 7 Asian Countries Have Relaxed Covid Restrictions

Aside from a few countries, the world opened, and travel took off this summer. Governments began to ease their Covid restrictions, and people travelled and are continuing to do. Recently, Taiwan took the cue and announced its latest rules concerning tourists’ entry into the country. As people pick up full-fledged travelling, here is the list of Asian countries that eased their Covid restrictions to the maximum.

1. South Korea

A country known for its K-drama, and Korean food, it has eased Covid restrictions considerably. Now, travellers will no longer need to provide a pre-departure Covid-19 negative report from September 3 onwards. However, travellers might still need to take the on-arrival Covid test and upload the results on the country’s Q-code website within 24 hours of arrival. As per travel rules in South Korea, all individuals must register for the Q-code before arrival in South Korea. This code will allow the travellers’ a one-time entry to the country.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has joined the bandwagon of countries easing Covid restrictions for travellers. It means travellers to Hongkong will have a short hotel quarantine that came into effect from August 12. Although, the travellers will have to monitor themselves after completing the 3-day quarantine in the country. Travelling in Hongkong has particular criteria, as a person under self-monitoring can head out but must avoid visiting the high-risk areas like bars and restaurants.

3. Japan

Travellers worldwide have been waiting for Japan to ease their Covid restrictions. The good news is that travellers can visit Japan without a detailed guide or tour package from today onwards (September 7). Furthermore, irrespective of nationality, no traveller will need to provide a negative Covid-19 test report if they are fully vaccinated. However, there might be a need for a test on arrival, depending on the country one travels from.


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4. Malaysia

Another among Asian countries is Malaysia that eased its Covid restrictions in the country from August onwards. The government directed that travellers, irrespective of their vaccination status, need not provide a Covid-19 test report. Malaysia also removed the filling of traveller’s cards in the MySejahtera mobile application for travellers. Meanwhile, the government has said that travellers who’ve arrived from different countries must keep self-monitoring and visit a medical facility if the need arises.

5. Singapore

The Singapore government, starting August 29, has removed the Covid restriction of travellers (13 & above) who are not fully vaccinated and do not need prior approvals to enter the country. As a result, no Covid-19 tests are mandatory for such visitors. However, all travellers must have Covid insurance during their stay in the country. Electronic health declarations are also a mandate in Singapore that one has to submit three days before they arrive in the city.

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6. Taiwan

Taiwan has chucked the need for travellers to submit their pre-departure Covid-19 test reports. Although, travellers will have to undergo a Covid 19 test on arrival to the country. Taiwan also shortened the quarantine period from a week to three days. The government also have 50,000 arrivals per week capping. Additionally, the travellers who arrive from overseas must show their confirmation of quarantine at hotels.

7. Thailand

Last but not least is the world’s favourite holiday destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand. Thailand’s government, too, has eased Covid restrictions for its travellers to a great deal. There is no need for foreign travellers to apply for a traveller’s pass. Thailand travellers will only need to show their vaccination status before entering Thailand. However, people who aren’t vaccinated will have to show a negative Covid-19 test report. If all the requirements are met, then Thailand visitors need not quarantine on arrival to the country.


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