These Gorgeous Pictures Of The Solar Eclipse In Abu Dhabi Will Strike Awe In You

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
These Gorgeous Pictures Of The Solar Eclipse In Abu Dhabi Will Strike Awe In You

Have you ever watched a solar eclipse? Well if you have you indeed must have been in awe of this nature’s wonder. Similarly, Abu Dhabi residents were all stunned when they saw the last partial solar eclipse of the year. The celestial spectacle lasted for about 2 hours. Well, it is ok if you missed it because we have brought you the pictures. Check this out!

Solar Eclipse In Abu Dhabi

The solar eclipse started at around 02:40 in the afternoon and ended at 05:00 in the evening. It peaked at around 03:51 pm. The sun, the moon and the earth do not align in a straight line perfectly during a partial solar eclipse. This is how the moon fails to cover the entire portion of the sun and from the earth only a part is visible. The International Astronomical Center shared some gorgeous pictures of how the eclipse looked like in Abu Dhabi. The centre also shared more photos of the eclipse when it reached its peak. The International Astronomical Center also observed some black dots which are known as sunspots.

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Key Facts About The Event

Immediately after the Asr (evening) prayer, mosques across the country hosted a special prayer(Kusoof). The prayer is not obligatory but is very much recommended. According to the Dubai Astronomy Group, till 2027, the next partial solar eclipse will not be seen in the country. You must observe a solar eclipse only with some eye protection. This is because without them your eyes will be exposed to dangers like eclipse blindness, vision damage and retinal burns. Here is a video to give you a better understanding.

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