Abu Dhabi Tourism Department Has Announced A New Set Of Rules For Alcoholic Drinks. Find Out Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Tourism Department Has Announced A New Set Of Rules For Alcoholic Drinks. Find Out Inside!

A lot of tourists simply overlook a simple fact pertaining to alcohol consumption when in the Middle East. The UAE falls under the governance of Sharia law, and alcohol is essentially prohibited there. A new set of regulations for the sale of alcoholic drinks has been published by Abu Dhabi’s tourist body. And businesses can take a maximum of six months to adhere.

What Are The Updated Rules Regarding Alcoholic Drinks In Abu Dhabi?

Alcoholic drinks
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Many of the restrictions that were once thought to be overly strict were modified and reduced in early 2022. The functional and ingredient standards for alcoholic beverages were recently laid forth by Abu Dhabi (DCT). It came in an advisory sent to distribution businesses and retail shop managers. Here’s the list of advancements:

1. The DCT policy stipulates that the alcohol content must be at least 0.5%.

2. Wine should be free of the taste or smell of vinegar, and beer shouldn’t have any artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours other than caramel.

3. Additionally, the beverages need to be properly packaged in spick-and-span bottles that can protect them from contamination and destruction.

4. The labels must contain all relevant details regarding the ingredients, producer, lifespan, and alcohol content.

5. The regulations also included packaging, transport, and storage methods as well as additional information regarding the types of alcohol used.

6. Distribution businesses and retail stores have six months to make the necessary changes. Infringers will face legal repercussions.

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Drinking Laws In UAE

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Apart from Sharjah, which continues to be an alcohol-free emirate, the UAE regulations have changed as a result of recent broad reforms. The new laws eliminate the requirement for foreign nationals to obtain a licence in order to consume alcohol in hotels. Neither does it apply to purchases from retailers. To drink, however, you must be at least 21 years old. In the UAE, establishments like Maritime and Mercantile International and African & Eastern now accept passports instead of temporary licences.

However, when not drinking at clubs, you need to drink at home when in UAE.

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