These Tips Will Ensure That You Have A Memorable Train Journey In India

by Sushmita Mahanta
These Tips Will Ensure That You Have A Memorable Train Journey In India

There is something special about traveling by train in India. Maybe it has to do with the iconic ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ or the very entertaining ‘Chennai Express’. Also, the flavourful Indian snacks, and the serene landscapes that pass by, add to the enigma of a train journey. So here are 5 travel tips to make your train travels more memorable and comfortable

1. Prioritise Safety

Safety is a must in all kinds of trips you take in your lifetime. But when it comes to a train journey you have to keep in mind the crowd. Indian railway stations are crowded and how! In order to have a memorable Train Journey here, you need to pay extra attention to your belongings. Keep them close. If you have lots of bags, number them with your name on them. That way you can keep a count if anything goes missing. And last but not the least, be wary of getting robbed and scammed. Just don’t be careless, that’s about it and you will be safe!

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2. Book In advance

Want your ‘seat with a view’? If the answer is yes then the best thing to do is to book beforehand. Don’t wait till the last minute to make booking arrangements. If you are looking forward to a memorable Train Journey with the best window seat view, it’s important you make your reservations in advance. Communication is one of the most important parts of your journey so make sure you choose wisely and in advance.

3. Carry Your Distractions

When it comes to train journeys, you have to keep in mind the distance. A train journey tends to be a long one, so having a distraction to keep you busy is a must. Maybe carry your favorite book or magazine. Looking out of the window throughout might give you motion sickness, so avoid that. Rather read a book, or talk to other passengers. Traveling by train allows you ample time to meet new people and know their stories. So don’t hesitate!

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4. Capture Your Journey

Having your camera with you is a plus point in a Train journey. It is believed that Indian landscapes are best explored on Train journeys. You get to see both urbanized cities and the beautiful rural. So carry your camera along. Also, store it in a place that’s easily accessible. The world is gonna go by very fast when on a Train, so charge your gadgets beforehand and stay alert.

5. Avoid Being Stuck On Your Seat

This travel tip might sound weird to you but when on a Train journey, moving about is your key to making memories. On flights, it can pose a threat to your life. But train journeys allow you to freely move around, stretch your legs and make new friends. However, if you have motion sickness, it is highly recommended to stay seated. So just stay mindful and make the most of your train trips. Happy travelling!


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