10 Things You Should NEVER Do In A Hotel Room

by Shreya Ghosh
10 Things You Should NEVER Do In A Hotel Room

When we are travelling to any destination, the hotel room becomes our place of spending time in solace and relaxing. It is our responsibility to treat that room just like our home so that we can have a great experience staying there and also the hotel authorities do not have to suffer anything. Our behaviour in such places speaks a lot about us and we surely want to portray our best in front of everyone. Here are 10 things that we should absolutely never do inside a hotel room.

1. Use Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are something that is kept inside the rooms to make them look more decorative. These pillows are not always cleaned thoroughly as they do not have any removable sleeves. It is a bit unhygienic to use them.

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2. Taking Bathrobes From The Hotel Room

Sneaking the bathrobe inside the bag is something that many travellers do. This is a horrible thing to do when staying in a hotel room. If the hotel finds out about it, then you need to pay a fine or even pay extra for compensation.

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3. Unlatching Washroom Doors While Taking Hot Showers

Hot showers are a great way to unwind after a busy day. When you are travelling long distances, steamy showers definitely help you to calm down. If you are treating yourself to a hot shower inside a hotel room, make sure to latch the door of the washroom properly. If the steam comes out of the washroom to the room then it can switch on the fire alarm. This can create unnecessary commotion and noise.

4. Using Hotel Wi-Fi To Share Private Information

Strictly avoid sharing any sensitive, private, and important information using the hotel Wi-Fi. It can cause huge risks for you and your personal information as it is quite easy to hack into public Wi-Fi.

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5. Cooking Anywhere In The Hotel Room

There are many travellers who carry cooking appliances while travelling. They often set up the appliances in a corner and start cooking inside the room itself. This will trigger the fire alarm which will cause a lot of bustle within the hotel. Also, there are risks to catch up a fire inside the hotel room.

6. Breaking & Denying

If you are staying inside a room, you may accidentally break something. These things occasionally happen but make sure to accept them to the hotel. Do not hide the fact from the staff as this can get risky for other people. Hotel cleaners or the next guests can hurt themselves by the broken pieces.

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7. Listening To Loud Music

No one wants to overhear loud music, especially while staying in a hotel room. You should keep in check your music volume when you are listening to it in such places. Do not do anything that can become a problem for others.

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8. Talking Loudly & Shouting

It is a reflection of good manners when you talk pleasantly with people. Communicating politely is a must inside a hotel and a hotel room as you are not the only one who is staying there. Your loud noises will not be entertained by everyone.

9. Not Checking The Bed & The Mattress

Always make sure to check each and every corner of the bed and the mattress before you settle down on the bed. There might be very rare chances where you may find bedbugs or anything dusty on the bed.

10. Walking With Thumping Noises Inside The Hotel Room

If you are staying upstairs, then try not to walk in heavy steps. The hotel ceilings do not have proper soundproofing and this can cause issues for the guests living downstairs.