This 11 Km Long Cave In Meghalaya Has Waterfalls, Natural Dams & Unique Limestone Formations

by Tejashee Kashyap
This 11 Km Long Cave In Meghalaya Has Waterfalls, Natural Dams & Unique Limestone Formations

Hidden beneath the lush green hills of Meghalaya, India, lies a world of unparalleled beauty and mystery – Krem Chympe. This cave system is one of the most captivating and intriguing natural wonders. With its intricate passages, unique limestone formations, and rich biodiversity, delve into the depths of Krem Chympe.

The Wonders Inside Krem Chympe

Krem Chympe owes its existence to the complex geological processes that have shaped the region over millions of years. The cave system is primarily composed of limestone. The unique feature of Krem Chyme is its formation within this limestone rock, as the cave passages were carved out by the action of water over countless centuries.

Krem Chympe is not just a single cave but a vast network of interconnected caves. This is also the fifth-longest cave in India, located in the Jaintia Hills area. This subterranean masterpiece can be found just 3 kilometres north of Khaddum in Sielkan, from Shillong. The exploration of this underground wonderland is not for the faint-hearted.

Explorers who have descended into its depths describe it as a subterranean place of breathtaking beauty and enigma. The cave is massive and complicated. The appeal of undiscovered territory and the prospect of new discoveries has drawn travellers from all over the world to its breadth and complexity.

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Cave Inside Cave

Have you ever wondered what happens when a river disappears beneath the earth? Even in this magnificent collection, Krem Chympe stands apart. The opening to this resurgent cave’ symbolises the location where the river, after travelling beneath, chooses to greet the world once more.

The river’s flow changes horizontally within Krem Chympe. To enter, you must swim or ride a canoe or bamboo raft into the pitch blackness. But Krem Chympe’s allure does not end there.

One of the most astonishing features of Krem Chympe is its breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites formations. Over millennia, as water percolates through the cave ceiling and drips to the floor, it deposits minerals, creating these stunning formations. The shapes and sizes of these formations vary, appearing like ancient sculptures in a subterranean art gallery. Moreover, the play of light and shadows within the cave further enhances its enchanting beauty.

So, when are you heading to this Meghalayan wonder, Krem Chympe?

Cover image credits: X/Life In The North-East India/Rimitre Lato