52000 Year Old Crater Is Maharashtra’s Best Kept Secret

by Aditi Singh
52000 Year Old Crater Is Maharashtra’s Best Kept Secret

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As a result of a meteor striking the surface of the earth, the Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra is a cosmic spectacle.

What Is It?

It is supposed that the meteor weighed 2 million tons and was travelling at an estimated speed of 90,000 kmph when it hit the earth’s surface.  Here is why you should totally tick this off your bucket list. There are roughly around 30,000 -1,50,000 meteors hitting the earth’s surface. Out of all these, this one managed to hit 500 kms away from Mumbai with such velocity that it left a crater in the rock. A cosmic spectacle right there !

It makes for a great spot for bird-watching. You can spot all sorts of migratory birds. Apart from the migratory birds, the mongoose, barking deer and chinkara also roam camouflaged in the jungles surrounding the lake. Each of the temples around this place are magnificent.

What Else?

This place is also home to a cluster of temples. The Ram Gaya temple, the Kamalja Devi temple, and the partially-submerged Shankar Ganesha temple, are all situated near the lake. The most significant temple is located in the center of Lonar town – the Daitya Sudan temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, exterminator of the demon Lonasura. The Lonar Lake trek is something you need to do in order to soak in the beauty of the lake. The trek includes covering the perimeter of the lake.


To get to Lonar, Aurangabad is the closest to the airport . You can even get there by train.There are more than 20 trains running between Mumbai and Aurangabad via Manmad Junction. Try planning your journey via train post-monsoon so that you get a chance to witness the misty mountains, lush fields and waterfalls.