This 70-Year-Old Eatery In Dadar Offers Chinese Samosa, Corn Pattice And More!

by Shreya Ghosh
This 70-Year-Old Eatery In Dadar Offers Chinese Samosa, Corn Pattice And More!

Mumbai is the home to uncountable gems that offer the most delicious street foods. Starting from samosa to pav bhaji, from vada pav to pattice, name it and you will get that in the City of Dreams. Dadar has some great places to gorge on deliciousness and ‘Dadar Surti Farsan’ is an eatery that is a favourite of every local. In the business for the last 70 years, this eatery is ruling everyone’s hearts by serving lip-smacking snacks and street food.

Dadar Surti Farsan Offers The Best Chinese Samosa And Corn Pattice

While taking a bite from here, we are sure you will be in confusion to choose what to order. Well, we suggest you should make sure to taste chinese samosa, corn pattice, fusion farsan, kurkure rolls, and wagherela mumra bhel. The craze for this eatery is insane and it is very hard not to fall in love with all the piping hot fried snacks served here. This eatery is indeed a hidden gem in Dadar and Mumbaikars need to be here to relish the heavenly taste of the street food here.

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Dadar Surti Farsan has a separate fanbase and they make sure to gorge on the tasty dishes here. It has been a great ongoing journey of 70 years and currently, the 3rd generation is running the shop. They sell over 50 kg collectively of their farsan on a daily basis. And the amount takes a peak, sometimes even doubles to 100 kg during the weekends.

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You Have A Plethora Of Options To Choose From And Order!

They provide a long list of food items to choose from. No matter what kind of taste you prefer, there is something or the other on the menu for every customer. While visiting here to buy some farsan and snacks, always be prepared to wait for some time. It is almost an impossible scenario in the shop to see it empty. At any time in the day, you will see customers waiting and lining up to grab their favourites. The best part is that they serve everything fresh and are very affordable. So if you are a student and have just limited pocket money, now you know where to eat in Dadar!