This 80-Yr Old Coolie At Lucknow Railway Station Helps Migrants EVERYDAY For Free

by Natasha Monteiro
This 80-Yr Old Coolie At Lucknow Railway Station Helps Migrants EVERYDAY For Free

We are living in strange times, where humanity is getting tested on a daily basis and through this coronavirus crisis that has ravaged India, an 80 year old coolie named Mujibullah Rehman is helping migrants, every single day for free. Kindness indeed has no age limit.

Coolie Mujibullah Rehman Helps Migrants At Lucknow Railway Station

Every crisis has a hero. COVID-19 has many. Now we know that all super-heroes wear capes and masks but in today’s crisis they are just wearing masks! From the doctors & nurses who are working tirelessly and putting their own lives at risk to simpler folk who go unnoticed – so many people are becoming everyday heroes. Take for instance, 80 year old Mujibullah who works as a coolie at Lucknow station. This amazing man has been helping migrants who arrive on the Shramik train in Lucknow move their luggage for free every single day. He says that he works for about 8-10 hours everyday and can carry loads up to 50 kgs. This man deserves a standing ovation, but instead he says that he is just doing his bit for society. He calls it ‘Khidmat’ – an Urdu word which in English translates to ‘service’.

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He waits for the train to come in at the Charbagh railway station and carries their luggage all the way to the buses waiting outside the station. To reach Charbagh station, the porter walks about 6kms daily, but all with a smile on his face and kindness in his heart.

A few commuters saw this man and the service he’s doing and started posting his videos on social media, making him an overnight hero. In a video interview with Hindustan Times, the porter said that he is only doing his duty and he also provides water and food – all that he can in his capacity – to the migrants. He claims that the money can come later, but now is the time to help and be of service.

Take a look at his video interview here:

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