Mumbai Staff Nurse’s Story Who Tested Positive For COVID-19

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mumbai Staff Nurse’s Story Who Tested Positive For COVID-19

Where there is COVID-19, there are fighters. Archana Vala is one such COVID-19 warrior. She’s a staff nurse at a Mumbai government hospital, who tested positive for the deadly infection on 17th April. We at Curly Tales, are proud to present her story of grit and courage. She has been both a fighter and a victim of this infection. But that doesn’t deter her from sharing her incredible story. Archana reveals how she was tested positive for coronavirus at the time of her duty. She throws light on her speedy recovery and urges each and every be of us to respect health workers and essential service providers who are the brave warriors against coronavirus.

Testing Positive For COVID-19

For the past 20 years, Archana Vala has been working as a staff nurse in Mumbai. When the coronavirus outbreak happened in India, Archana she worked double hard to help the infected patients. But on the fateful day of 17th April, during a routine swap test, she was herself diagnosed coronavirus positive. Archana was then admitted on 19th April. When she was diagnosed positive for coronavirus she felt really depressed. But her mind swayed to thoughts of concern about her family of two kids, husband and her elderly parents. Her primary concern was to take care of herself and recover from this deadly disease while making sure none of her family members are infected.

Archana admits that there was constant exposure to this disease as she travelled by bus, apart from treating coronavirus infected patients. She ponders that there was a chance of exposure while disposing of her PPE kits after her duty, as droplets from the infected person could have fallen on her body. So there are chances of exposure everywhere. Fortunately, Archana’s symptoms weren’t severe and she recovered within 7 days. She suffered from mild fatigue, headache and body pain. She didn’t suffer from cold, cough or shortness of breath, unlike other patients. And she didn’t let these symptoms develop as she took alot of precautions.

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Memorable Birthday During Quarantine

When the brave nurse was quarantined and suffering from coronavirus, her colleagues and doctors at the hospital made sure she celebrated her birthday in a special way. Her doctors knew that she was infected while providing her services to coronavirus patients. So the medical staff sand a beautiful birthday song for her on the hospital mic at 12 am. They also got a small pastry and few chocolates for her leaving her overwhelmed with emotions. Her eyes welled with tears as she was shocked to see the love and support shown to her by the health workers in the hospital.

Her Tireless Efforts For COVID-19 Patients

Before being diagnosed with coronavirus, Archana Vala worked tirelessly to cure infected patients. And even though she worked for an 8-hour shift, due to the night duty and overwhelming workload, she worked for 11-12 hours long shifts. And while working for long durations at the hospital, Archana wasn’t able to meet her loved ones. When the COVID-19 ward was initially being set up, she would commute from home to the hospital, every day. But once it was set up, she and other health workers were shifted to a hotel. In order to not expose her family to this infection, she was only permitted to go home once a week. Her family supported her tremendously. And the nation’s actions of applauding health workers and expressing gratitude to them, encouraged her further to provide her services, selflessly to those in need. Here are  Heartwarming Stories From Around The Globe That Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

When Archana was tested positive for coronavirus, the government authorities immediately started contact tracing. She received a call from a ward in a zone, asking for her Aadhar Card address. They used this to track her location and seal her building immediately. They then sent her parents for a swap test and thankfully it turned out to be negative. Archana works at a BMC hospital and she could avail treatment-free cost. Apart from the treatment, BMC hospital provided her with meals, snacks, milk, water, soap, toothpaste and even hair oil, free of cost. And if someone doesn’t have clothes, BMC also makes provision for the same. She didn’t need to buy anything, all she needed was the patience to come out of this.

Archana Vala- Mumbai’s COVID-19 Superwoman

It took her patience, positivity and lots of determination to conquer this deadly virus. And she did conquer it in style. When she stepped foot in her building society after her recovery, she was given a grand welcome by her neighbours, and most rightly so! She wishes to convey that just like her society welcomed her with pride after her recovery, each and every one of us must respect the essential service providers in our country. Elderly Heroes Sacrifice Their Lives By Donating Their Ventilators To Younger COVID-19 Patients

Doctors, nurses, policemen, emergency health workers, cleaning staff, water supply workers, electricity providers, banking professionals each and every COVID-19 warrior must be respected. None of us must disrespect them or refrain from cooperating with them. If we shower them with love and respect, they will be encouraged to continue doing their work for the nation. They will be inspired, motivated and feel supported through these testing times.

Most importantly Archana wishes to convey to people not to spread negativity and social stigma. After all, coronavirus will eventually go away, but mental trauma and social stigma will remain until the end. Archana Wala concludes her message by advising us to stay at home, as much as possible. If we stay safe and stay at home, we will reduce the burden of health workers like her, who work tirelessly to combat coronavirus. We salute Archana Vala, Mumbai’s own COVID-19 Superwoman and many more brave hearts like her. They indeed make this world a better place.