This Real-Life Account Of A 21-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor From Mumbai Will Inspire You

by Gizel Menezes
This Real-Life Account Of A 21-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor From Mumbai Will Inspire You

Just like thousands of students pursuing their education abroad, Hrishi Giridhar too decided to fly back home after his University in London shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Left with no other option, the 21-year-old LSE student and musician swiftly packed his bags and returned home.

Image Courtesy: Hrishi Giridhar Facebook

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Real-Life Account Of A 21-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor From Mumbai

When Hrishi landed home, he was devoid of all the coronavirus symptoms. In fact, he even cleared airport security easily. However, taking due caution, he decided to isolate himself for 14 days in a guest house away from his family.

While all seemed to go pretty well for the lad, it was only 2-3 days later that he started experiencing symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus. He developed a fever, experienced fatigue, body pain, and chills, along with vomiting and dizziness. And one fine day, he collapsed. When he regained consciousness, he called his parents and immediately consulted his family doctor, who advised him to get tested for the virus.

Now when Hrishi went to Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai to get tested, he did not really consider it to be coronavirus! He thought it was just the tiredness and stress, or rather even the change in the weather that was causing these symptoms. However, reality struck hard when the reports showed that he had actually tested positive for the virus. Devastated, Hrishi felt that the ground from underneath has slipped. But, he tried to stay calm. He was then shifted to another ward at the Kasturba hospital, where he was to spend a few weeks till he recovered.

Image Courtesy: Mid-Day

Life At Kasturba Hospital As A Coronavirus Patient

Days at Kasturba started pretty early. Chai was served at 6 am in the morning, along with regular meals during the course of the day. Nurses and doctors kept taking rounds at regular intervals to inquire if he was doing fine, both physically and mentally. He felt like he was in very good hands. The rooms and bathrooms were clean and multiple sanitizer bottles were kept in every single room. Every day, someone cleaned the floor and changed the bedsheets. It seemed like the doctors and nurses knew every patient and their symptoms.

After spending 19 days at Kasturba, Hrishi was declared negative for the virus for two consecutive times. And just like that, it was finally time to go home. As he was about to leave, the entire ward started clapping for him. This experience according to him, was sweet and wholesome, and something that he could never forget!

Hrishi attributes his recovery to the medical staff at the hospital, without whom he wouldn’t have pulled through. His faith in the medical system and their deliverance helped him recover. He says everyone on the ground is doing the best they can with the resources that are available, and he couldn’t be grateful enough!

Through the entire process, Hrishi made memories for a lifetime. He is still friends with other patients and keeps exchanging updates with them. After all, all of them went through this ‘unique’ experience together! While he has returned back to his regular life, it is not without a new perspective and a renewed vigor for life!

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