This Airline Is Selling Tickets To Mystery Destinations Via Vending Machines & Here’s Everything To Know!

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar435

Most of us have been home arrested for almost two years and naturally, want to make up for all the travel losses. But what if we told you that you could travel to mysterious destinations and explore new horizons? While airlines and travel companies have started welcoming visitors, some are taking a little extra effort to entice travellers longing for adventure travel. One of them is Peach Aviation, a Japanese budget airline that is offering visitors a chance to go on mystery holidays, the tickets of which are being dispensed through vending machines. Now, isn’t that cool?

Vending Machines Set Up In Several Places In Japan To Dispense Tickets

The tickets for the mysterious destinations are available on gachapon capsules and the vending machines set up in several places are used to dispense them. The same vending machines are usually used to dispense toys for small children. However now, Peach Aviation is now using them to sell tickets from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport or Osaka’s Kansai International to many mystery locations within Japan.

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The Airline Has Already Sold Over 3000 Tickets

According to reports, the tickets on vending machines will take you to places like Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Naha. Japan is indeed taking adventure travel to next level by offering trips to places where travellers can’t choose the destination. The offer with the gachapon tickets became a hit in Japan just in a few days. According to reports, the airline has already sold more than 3,000 tickets in two months and the cost per ticket is ¥5,000 (₹3,285) each.

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Would you go on a mystery vacation like this one?

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