This Beatles-Themed Lodge Is The Best-Kept Secret In Darjeeling And Serves Naga Food

by Dikshita
This Beatles-Themed Lodge Is The Best-Kept Secret In Darjeeling And Serves Naga Food

Misty mountains, some locally brewed wine, rock band classic to jam to and the night is made! It’s even better if the vibe around itself speaks of the music. This wooden lodge, Revolver Hotel situated in Darjeeling is a tribute to The Beatles and has justified it perfectly. The queen of hills has been traditionally alive on both Western and Eastern music influences and that is where Revolver Hotel takes its inspiration from. 

Revolver Hotel has five homely and cosy rooms and also a family suite for your most comfortable stay. Other than that, it offers various cuisines including Chinese and Continental to the local Naga cuisine which they take pride in.

Here’s Why Revolver Hotel’s Naga Food is Worth The Hype

Revolver Hotel
Darjeeling tourism; official website

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They prepare food only on pre-orders to ensure you have the best experience and would always want to come back to it. Being the only place in Darjeeling to serve Naga food, it gives us the best reason to visit the hotel at least once during our trip.

They serve everything, from a variety of fermented bamboo shoots along with the meat of choice to smoked and dried bamboo shoots. Also, don’t miss out on the smoked pork served with Axone, which is fermented soybean. Another dish served here is smoked pork with Aanishi (dried and smoked pulp of Yam leaves). 

And the best part is the affordability of the dishes.

Revolver Hotel
Picture credits: Revolver Hotel; offcial website

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Evenings At Revolver Hotel…

While they do not boast the most luxurious stay, they do boast their cosy musical vibe. You can rent a room for a night at a rate as cheap as ₹1800 and a suite for just ₹2100. The view from the room is breathtaking. Moreover, there are also rooms with a jungle view which will make you feel like you are sleeping under a canopy.

The sunset peeping through Mt. Kanchunjunga’s snow-covered peak is definite to make it your best evening ever. And all of this is complemented by people playing the guitar and humming melodies. At Revolver, you can never not hear a song!

Every corner of Revolver is a testimony to music and culture. A place so thoughtfully curated and designed that’ll make for a lifetime experience!

Where: 110 Gandhi Road, Behind Union Chapel, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

Cost for a night: starts from ₹1800

Cover image courtesy: Revolver Hotel/Facebook and Revolver Hotel Website