This Bengaluru Coffee Brand Has Introduced Healthy Dessert For Your Furry Babies, Get Them A Pup Cup

Maverick & Farmer has a new healthy and delicious treat for doggos! Take your furry friends to taste it now.

by Shreya Rathod
This Bengaluru Coffee Brand Has Introduced Healthy Dessert For Your Furry Babies, Get Them A Pup Cup

Along with filter coffee, India is famous for some artisanal coffee brands. One of them is Maverick & Farmer Coffee in Bengaluru, which is not only known for artisanal coffee but also a healthy treat for furry patrons called Pup Cup; here’s all about it.

Maverick & Farmer In Bengaluru Introduces Pup Cup!

Maverick & Farmer, an artisan coffee company, is excited to launch the Pup Cup this summer. This mouthwatering creation, created especially for their canine customers and manufactured with all-natural, dog-safe ingredients, will be a regular feature on the menu at their cafés in Ulsoor and Koramangala. It is healthy, delicious and finely tuned for the canine palette.

The Pup Cup consists of smooth Greek yoghurt that has been twisted with peanut butter and a hint of honey. The staff at Maverick & Farmer knows how important it is to give dogs healthy food, which is why every Pup Cup is made with consideration for both flavour and nutrition for dogs.

Maverick & Farmer Coffee was established with the goal of revolutionising the cultivation, processing, roasting, and brewing of coffee. This coffee brand is an unrestricted glimpse into the possibilities. Further, they have a 150-acre laboratory where experiments in cultivation, fermentation and natural flavour infusion are carried on. Not to forget, the gorgeous coffee estate!

35% Of revenue To Be Donated To CARE

Ashish D’abreo, Q Grader, Coffee Roaster and Co-founder of Maverick & Farmer Coffee, is thrilled to present the Pup Cup to the pet parents of furry customers. Over the years, dogs have also become frequent guests in their cafés, which have always been welcoming places for everyone. They wanted to provide a unique reward with the Pup Cup so that dogs may enjoy spending time with their owners.

On the day of the Pup Cup debut, CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre) will get 35 per cent of the revenues from the sale of the specially crafted brunch at Maverick & Farmer. CARE is an animal sanctuary in Bangalore that strives to give sick and wounded animals in the city prompt medical attention.

So, if you are a pet parent, go ahead and treat your dog to this delightful Pup Cup.

Cover Image Courtesy: Maverick & Farmer/ Instagram

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