This Blue Lassi Shop In Varanasi Serves Bhang Lassi That Is Worth Dying For!

by Olivia D'Silva

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Calling all Bhang lovers! This Blue Lassi Shop in Varanasi serves more than 83 flavours of lassis. The Bhang lassi is an absolute favourite and is worth dying for.

What Is It? 

You don’t have to wait until Holi, to taste some bhang! Blue Lassi in Varanasi serves the most delicious bhang lassi that is famous among foreigners. This Blue Lassi shop is a well-deserved respite to the throngs of traffic and crowds of spiritual folks. 

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What’s In It? 

Bhang lassi – a type of marijuana based yogurt drink, is probably the one Rajesh Khanna & Mumtaz onsumed in the famous song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. The Blue lassi shop offers a variety of lassis’ from blueberry chocolate to blueberry coconut and much more. The lassi is topped with fruits and nuts and the serving is very huge. Watch how much you order, cause each serving is quite filling! But trust us, it is worth your money.

The Bhang lassi is not on the menu, you will have to ask for it at the counter.


Address: Blue Lassi Shop, Near Vishwanath TempleVaranasi 221002.
Cost: Rs. 350
Tel: +91 542 240 1124

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