This Candy Company Is Paying ₹60 Lakh A Year For Tasting 3500+ Candies While Sitting On The Couch

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Candy Company Is Paying ₹60 Lakh A Year For Tasting 3500+ Candies While Sitting On The Couch

Who doesn’t love candies? We all do, isn’t it? Those yummy little packets of happiness that explode in our mouth are everyone’s favourite for sure. Well how about getting paid for eating candies? This is what our dream job looks like for sure. But we are not joking, A Canadian company is actually looking for a qualified taster for candies and is ready to pay about $100,000 which is ₹60 Lakh. 

Canadian Company looking For Chief Candy Officer

A Canadian candy store, Candy Funhouse, announced that it is looking for a ‘chief candy officer’. The press release states that all the selected candidates taste about 3500 products every month,conduct candy board meetings and approve new candy inventories by putting a ‘CCO stamp of approval’ on it. Candidates must have an unwavering thrill and desire to indulge in sweets, which is a quality that a good number of the public undoubtedly possesses is what their LinkedIn post read. Further the qualities needed to be one of the selected candidates is that the person must be a born leader, imaginative, open to experimenting with new ideas and fearless. 

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Chief Candy officer Can Work From Home

If you’re an American or a Canadian resident, you can choose to work out of Newark, New Jersey, or Toronto, depending on where you live. The hired Chief Candy Officer will also be in charge of looking after which new candies should be stocked up in the Candy Funhouse keeping in mind the candy business. The job listing further read that to become CCO all one needs is passion for pop culture, candy and a sweet tooth. No prior experience is necessary to be a CCO and your age can be anything above five years. According to the company, the new CCO will receive extensive palate training upon hiring in addition to additional on-the-job training.

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