This Church In Barcelona Started Construction In 1882; 140 Later It’s Still Under Construction

by Tooba Shaikh
This Church In Barcelona Started Construction In 1882; 140 Later It’s Still Under Construction

The iconic La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is inching toward completion more than 140 years after its construction began. The cornerstone for this church in Spain’s Barcelona was laid on March 19, 1882, by Bishop Urquinaona. However, after almost one and a half centuries, the church is still not complete. Here is all you need to know about this iconic incomplete church in Barcelona that is an enthralling architectural marvel!

Church In Barcelona Started Construction 140 Years Ago

After 140 years of construction and countless obstructions to its completion, the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia is inching towards completion. The construction is slated to be finished by 2026. It is an architectural marvel that leaves all those who witness it in awe.

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. George Orwell, the famous author, had a visceral reaction to seeing the building and called it one of the most hideous buildings in the world. Whether positive or negative, it is sure to invoke a deep feeling in you.

This iconic building has recently completed its Four Towers Of The Evangelists. Two of the towers were completed recently and the other two were completed last year. The mastermind behind this architectural masterpiece is Antoni Gaudi. 

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Why Did It Take So Long For The Church To Be Built?

Ever since its construction began almost 150 years ago, this particular church has witnessed many problems which have prevented its completion. There have been design changes as well as changes in the people in charge of the construction.

The Spanish Civil War also resulted in a major delay in the construction of the basilica. Even the COVID-19 Pandemic caused a setback in the construction of the church. Fun Fact: this particular church took longer to complete construction than the Egyptian Pyramids!

The pyramids were built within 20 years. The church is also the largest unfinished catholic church in the world. It is around 442 feet in height and features unique architecture.

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Cover Image Credits: @basilicasagradafamilia/Instagram