This Country Had The Highest Approval Rate Of Multiple-Entry Schengen Visas In 2022

by Shreya Ghosh
This Country Had The Highest Approval Rate Of Multiple-Entry Schengen Visas In 2022

We all know that the process of getting visas, especially Schengen visas is a bit lengthy at times. Every overseas tourist requires to apply for a visa to travel to the Schengen countries. They need to apply for a visa for the country where they are staying for the most days or the country where they are travelling first. We have grand news for all those globetrotters who are flying to Germany as the country recorded some magnificent numbers when it comes to multiple-entry Schengen visas back in the year 2022.

Germany Granted The Most Number Of Multiple-Entry Schengen Visas Last Year

This stunning European country owns the highest approval rate for multiple-entry Schengen visas in the year 2022. Schengen Visa Info stated that Germany ranked the top with the most share of these visas. A report by Schengen visa statistics of 2022 states that Germany also witnessed the most issuance rate for these visas at the same time. According to a report by Condé Nast Traveller, Germany received 10,43,297 visas last year. The country approved a total of 8,17,307 visas. And 7,40,356 of these approved visas were multiple-entry Schengen visas.

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When it comes to rejecting visa applications, Germany had a very low rejection rate. In fact, the rate was one of the least among all the Schengen countries. The rejection rate was 16.2 per cent in 2022.

What Are Multiple-Entry Visas?

To enter and explore the Schengen Area, every tourist will need to have this multiple-entry visa. Just like its name, its key purpose is to let everyone be able to enter the places in the Schengen Area and also move to another destination from this area. Travellers with a multiple-entry visa are eligible to explore these places several times, only till the time it is valid. The validity continues for 180 days.

There Are More Countries On This List Too!

Multiple-Entry Schengen Visas
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Not just Germany, there are more countries as well that had a great approval rate for these multiple-entry Schengen visas last year. In 2022, countries such as Estonia and Slovenia had a great approval rate for these visas.

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Have you ever been to any of these countries before?

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