Bulgaria’s New Visa Policy Prohibits Entry For Travellers With Unused Schengen Visas

visa policy
by Shreya Ghosh

Bulgaria has introduced a new visa policy and additional requirements to enter the country. These changes are much stricter than before and very crucial for visitors with a Schengen visa. This new policy is for each and every foreigner entering the country in the Balkans holding a valid Schengen visa. If you also have this visa and want to know more about the updated and latest requirements, keep reading till the last.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Bulgaria’s New Visa Policy

visa policy

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The Bulgarian authorities made the announcement of the new visa policy just some time back. The changes are for those visitors who are travelling with a Schengen visa. The previous rules will not be of any use for these foreign visitors. According to the latest updates, any overseas visitor planning to enter Bulgaria will need a used Schengen visa.

The visa needs to be used to travel to any of the 27 member countries before travelling to Bulgaria or else the visitors will not be allowed to enter even after carrying a valid Schengen visa. No matter if any foreign tourist, irrespective of their nationality, has been allowed to Bulgaria with the visa before, they will now need to use that Schengen visa to travel to any Schengen state and then only they will be permitted to reach Bulgaria.

It has been some time since the changes have come into action. Tourists are following this new visa policy from 25 April 2023, according to a report by travelobiz.

This Is Why The Authorities Introduced The New Visa Policy

visa policy

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The authorities of the country shared the reason behind taking the decision to start a new policy where Schengen visa holders will need to travel to any Schengen state before entering Bulgaria. They stated that this new rule implementation will help in establishing stronger security at the international borders. This visa policy will also help in aiming to put an end to illegal immigration. There are many people who think that this change can turn out to be strenuous to enter the country.

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