Schengen Visa: Indians Cite Application Struggles And How Hard It Is To Apply For It

schengen visa
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

All the people who have ever applied for a Schengen visa or are applying, my heart goes out to you! We know how stressful and frustrating the application process can be. And after struggling and making your way through this process, the chances of it getting rejected are still high. Well, some Twitteratis who went through this unusually hard process cited their struggle, and the discussion is worth a read!

Schengen Visa  Application Struggles

A Twitter user, @onlymadhoo shared the story of the struggle he faced while applying for a Schengen visa. But he made sure that he added a bit of humour to it. No sooner had this post been uploaded than there were people commenting on it. 

There were many who related to the story shared by @onlymadhoo and began sharing their own stories. This led to a discussion among Twitteratis on how the application process for getting a Schengen visa is annoying and frustrating. 

The stories and experiences shared by people featured some weird questions and requests made by VFS. They did seem hilarious, but only because we are on the reading side and not the experiencing 


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Random Questions, Weird Requirements

The post by @onlymadhoo has by far garnered over 358K views on Twitter. The tweet has received over 2,000 likes and more than 150 retweets. 

Many netizens called the process completely stupid and insane. One user was called in person after his Europe trip to check if he was actually back from the trip or not. Another one showed a message that he received on the Facebook group with weird rules. 

Many users wrote about how they have been rejected several times for no reason at all. Others listed the number of documents that are required and how they are annoying on another level. Sometimes you are even asked to submit written applications. 

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Have you ever applied for the same? Did you relate?

Cover Image Courtesy: @onlymadhoo/Twitter