DEL-BLR Flight Fares Almost As Same As That Of Delhi-Tokyo; The Internet Is Divided

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

There are times when the flight fare you checked a week ago doubles up the next week. The reason behind this is either a surge in demand or the vacation season. But the price fluctuation is understandable when it’s in the country itself. But in this latest case,  a woman was shocked to see that the flight fares from Delhi to Bengaluru were the same as those from Delhi to Tokyo, Milan, or Paris.

Del-Bom Fares are Same As Delhi-Tokyo, Delhi-Paris and Delhi-Milan. 

A woman on Google saw a very shocking and outrageous thing. She searched for flights from Delhi to Bengaluru and then from Delhi to foreign countries. To her shock, she found out that the flight fares from Delhi to Bangalore are almost the same as those from Delhi to Tokyo, Paris, and Milan. 

While she searched for flight fares from Delhi to Bengaluru, the fare was somewhere between 25K and 32K. The next time she searched for flight fares from Delhi to Tokyo, the price was 31K and when she saw the flight fares to Milan, it was 32K. She took screenshots of these searches and posted them on her Twitter account, @harshita_passi. The post went viral in no time. 

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Netizens Talk About the Two Sides

The post on Twitter by @harshita_passi has gone viral and has so far received over 87.2K views. It has also garnered more than 1,000 likes. 

Netizens were divided, as some called it completely insane and made some outrageous comments, while others gave reasons. 

There were comments that called this a simple theory of demand and supply. Some made fun of this and asked the user to fly to foreign countries rather than waste time in Bengaluru by travelling from Delhi.

Some netizens recommended the user try Skyscanner, as it gives out the best deals at low prices. One of them also shared a screenshot of it. 

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What are your views on it?

Cover Image Courtesy: @harshita_passi/Twitter

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