Kuno National Park’s 3 Baby Cheetahs Die Because Of Heat Wave In Madhya Pradesh

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Kuno National Park’s 3 Baby Cheetahs Die Because Of Heat Wave In Madhya Pradesh

People in India could not contain their happiness when the birth news of four cheetah cubs in Kuno surfaced. It was after so many decades that Indian soil saw the birth of cheetahs. But the happiness was short-lived, it seems. Three out of the litter of four cubs are no more. While one died three days ago, two more baby cheetahs died on May 25. The reason behind the deaths of these cubs is the extreme heat wave. 

Baby Cheetahs Die At Kuno National Park

This week, India lost three out of four baby cheetahs that were born in the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. They were born to Cheetah Jwala in the month of March, this year. 

There is one cub alive from the litter of four born to Cheetah Jwala. The two cubs that died on May 25 were shifted to Palpur from Kuno in Madhya Pradesh for monitoring. This happened because their health was deteriorating because of the heat wave in the country. 

These fatalities of three cubs has taken the number of Cheetah fatalities in Kuno to 6 as three felines that were brought from an African country also died some months ago. 

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The Animals Were Sent To Palpur

The forest department informed that after the death of the first cub, Jwala and her other three cubs were sent to Palpur. They were looked after by the wildlife doctors there. The entire team monitored them continuously throughout the day. 

Cheetah Jwala was provided supplemental food as well. After the first cub, two more cubs succumbed to heat, weakness, and dehydration and died. The temperature around this place was between 46-47 degrees Celsius.  

The official press release also stated that the cubs’ conditions deteriorated to the point where they required treatment and that they had to be moved to critical care. This was due to “loo”-like wind and rising temperatures. 

 Cheetah Jwala was known as Siyaya and was transported from Namibia to KNP in Sheopur in the month of September. 

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Rest in peace babies!

Cover Image Courtesy: @parveenkaswan/Instagram