This Couple Has Not Taken A Single Flight Since 2017! Here’s Why

No flight couple
by Anupriya Mishra

Travelling by air certainly makes life much easier. Not to mention, it closes the distance between destinations and everything just becomes much quicker. However, one may not realise that a single flight can have some major impact on the environment. However, a couple from England, named Joshua Kian and Sarah Morgan decided to do their bit for the environment by not taking a single flight since 2017. Here’s all you need to know about their incredible journey so far.

Joshua Kian & Sarah Morgan Have Not Taken A Flight Since 2017


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Joshua Kian and Sarah Morgan had been in month-long discussions about the environmental impacts of their flights prior to the last flight in 2017. According to a news report by the Insider, they admitted that they did not think that their flight from Portugal to England would be their last one. Once they disembarked the flight, they decided to take a flightless trip to a destination, which then turned to two, and five years later, this couple has still not boarded any plane. However, it’s worth noting that they still haven’t stopped travelling! The couple has social media presence by the name of Josh and Sarah Ride on both Instagram and YouTube, where they document their incredible journey. As it happens, they have so far explored by bike, train, hitchhiking, ferry, and bus.

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The Couple Has Not Promised To Never Fly Again


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As such, while the couple mostly cycle around, giving up flying has certainly increased their taste for adventure. However, for further destinations, the bike to the nearest train station. However, it must be noted that the couple has not promised to never fly again, but they do encourage others to limit their flying. Moreover, they also bike with that tents and camps to reduce their carbon footprint. They also advise exploring one’s region more to shift to a no-flying lifestyle.

Can you imagine not taking a flight to travel to any destination?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/joshandsarahride