This Deadly Drink Got Honey Singh And His Friend Super Drunk Once

by Mallika Khurana
This Deadly Drink Got Honey Singh And His Friend Super Drunk Once

Every time we reflect on our teen years, Honey Singh is always a big part of them. One of the first rappers in the business, he immediately became popular after releasing his music into the public eye. Without his hit songs, no celebration or wedding could ever be considered complete. Some of us even began our days by listening to his incredible music. Indian music underwent a revolution thanks to Yo Yo Honey Singh. The legendary Yo Yo Honey Singh joined Arohi Thatte in Seven Bungalows, Andheri, for a thrilling episode of Tere Gully Mein. Do you want to learn more about him now? Watch the complete episode now!

Honey Singh & His Friend Used To Enjoy This Amazing Cocktail

Honey Singh undoubtedly has some amazing stories revolving around food and alcohol, especially from a decade ago. When we asked him if he has ever had an entire sugarcane, he revealed that he had enjoyed it many times in Punjab. In fact, he had an exciting story about sugarcane juice and vodka. Yes, you heard that right. What might sound like an unlikely combination turned out to be a deadly cocktail. 

Honey shared that he and his friend, Alfaaz, were hardcore alcoholics back in 2009-10. Once, his friend mixed vodka in their glasses of sugarcane juice, and the result was unlike anything they had experienced before. He revealed that they had been drunk for hours and were literally begging for the high to dial down. We are certainly scared as well as excited to try this combo!

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This Is What Inspires The Lyrics Of His Songs

Honey Singh Tere Gully Mein
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After enjoying some delicious chaat, we took Honey Singh to Thorat’s Barbeque Misal so he could try a misal pav for the first time. We questioned him about his songwriting influences on the way to this restaurant. Evidently, he learns everything by observing those around him. He pays close attention to the slang that he hears around him and incorporates it into his music to create universally recognisable songs.

In this episode, we delved more deeply into his life and inquired about his preferred travel locales. He admitted that he enjoys interacting with people from all over the world more than the actual locations. He travels extensively for work, but he does not have time to visit every new location.

You must watch the entire video right away to see Honey Singh’s inspiring story of overcoming depression and resuming his musical endeavours.

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