This Delivery Kitchen In Gurgaon Offers Woodfired Sandwiches, Vodka Pastas And More!

by Suchismita Pal
This Delivery Kitchen In Gurgaon Offers Woodfired Sandwiches, Vodka Pastas And More!

We all have tried woodfired pizzas typically heated in a traditional brick oven. Instead of using electricity, woodfired pizzas are heated up with the fire lit on woods inside the brick oven. These traditional pizzas have crunchy edges and a delish, smokey flavour with all the toppings binding beautifully. When in Gurgaon, you can order some best New York inspired woodfired pizzas from Highline Pizza, located in M.G. Road. From Classic Margherita, Spring Street, Upper East Side, Jaywalker and Tribeca to Fire Exit, Broadway and Ballisimmo, one can relish around 18 types of woodfired pizzas from Highline Pizza. But did you know, apart from these amazeballs, the pizzeria serves woodfired sandwiches and woodfired pasta too! Hold your drools as we unveil the deets.

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Tuck Into Wholesome, Delectable Woodfired Sandwiches From This Delivery Outlet In Gurgaon

Unlike normal sandwiches, the woodfired sandwiches at Highline Pizza are made with special Panuozzo bread, which is a traditional bread belonging to the Italian region Campania. The sandwiches are jumbo in size and are stuffed with a plethora of ingredients. You can order from four options of woodfired sandwiches-Buttermilk Chicken, Chicken Mortadella, Summer Days and Classic Cubano. The Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich is a hearty mix of buttermilk fried chicken, cabbage slaw, lettuce and spring onion and it comes with spring onion dip. Classic Cubano contains slow-roasted pork shoulder, pork ham, swiss cheese and mustard press served with mustard. Among the three sandwiches, Summer Days is the vegetarian option.


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Dig Your Forks Into Vodka Sauce Pasta And Woodfired Pasta Too!

Highline Pizza serves a special pasta tossed in vodka sauce that won’t get you drunk but will get you happy high for sure. The Fusilli in Vodka Sauce comes with two slices of crunchy garlic bread. Or you can also try the Chef’s Special Smoked Mac and Cheese made with Seashell Pasta baked in a woodfired oven. You might also pick Spaghetti Marinara with Grilled Chicken Pasta.

The pizzeria menu has many unconventional desserts too for those who have a sweet tooth. The Happy Box comprising a soft-baked cookie, churros and doughnuts can be a perfect gift to surprise your loved one.

So, why wait? Order up your meal box right away by clicking here.