Move Over Sandwich & Treat Yourself With The Unique ‘Crunchwich’ In Delhi

by Suchismita Pal
Move Over Sandwich & Treat Yourself With The Unique ‘Crunchwich’ In Delhi

Ahoy, all foodies out there! Today we’re going to unveil a snack, the sight of which is sure to get your drolls high. It’s the utterly unique and delish ‘Crunchwich’ from Delhi’s The Tummy Section, folks. Crunchwich is the crunchy version of sandwich but is way different from the regular ones. The delicacy is made with kulcha bread covered with crunchy flakes. Already having water in the mouth? Read on to know more.

Crunchwich Delhi
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How To Make Crunchwich?

The Tummy Section in Delhi is known to serve some lip-smacking, highly enticing grubs to fill up our tummy in the most delicious way. To make the crunchwich, the guys first divide the kulcha bread into four halves. Then each piece is dipped into a paste and coated with the crunches. The kulcha pieces are then deep-fried until they turn crisp and brown. Then delicious stuffings like shredded chicken, omelette, paneer and more are put in between the patties. The stuffings are topped with luscious sauces like Zingy Sauce, Minty Sauce and Firehouse Sauce. The yummy crunchwich is ready!

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Try Chicken Shawario Crunchwich, Paneer Ramly Crunchwich, Lord Of The Egg Rings Crunchwich And More

The Tummy Section serves six varieties of appetising crunchwiches. These are Paneer Ramly Crunchwich, Chicken Ramly Crunchwich, Lord Of The Egg Rings Crunchwich, Veg Shawario Crunchwich, Paneer Shawario Crunchwich and Chicken Shawario Crunchwich. Also, guess what, they come at pocket-friendly prices too. The crunchwiches are priced between ₹110 and ₹130. Apart from crunchwiches, The Tummy Section also serves mouthwatering kebab wraps, shawario burgers, crunch momos, creamy chilly chicken, spring rolls and more.


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We’re head over heels for these delicacies, especially the crunchwich. What about you?