Ever Had Matar Kulcha Pocket? Stall Opposite Gargi College Serves South Delhi’s Best!

matar kulcha pocket
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 1674

Gargi College is located in South Campus of Delhi University. Within its red brick walls, there lives a world filled with bright young women of tomorrow, and they’re hungry! While the fleet of hardworking professors try their best to satiate intellectual cravings, there’s only one man who can satiate the other craving women have. It’s the matar kulcha pocket wale bhaiya across the street! What did you think? If you love chole kulche, check out Kulachi Ke Chole Kulche: Yummiest Chole Kulche In Delhi!

What is it

Spicy tangy Dilli wale matar neatly tucked in a taco shaped kulcha is what we deserve. Who says we don’t! White peas have never tasted this good. One pocket is just for ₹10! Thank you, student prices. The matar comes topped with diced tomato, onion and green chilis. In case you want to go old school with matar and kulcha separately, that’s available too. You can ask bhaiya for a less spicy or max spicy one. Beware, he can burn your tongue off. The girls love it. You can watch them carrying their Nescafe teas from inside the college to this point for a perfect combination. Takeaway is the only way. People stand around chatting and eating beside the stall. The area is as if designed for such an environment. Find out Virat Kohli’s Favorite Chole Bhature Joint!

matar kulcha pocket

Image Credit: Vidisha Khaitan

What’s more

Across the street, there is a small portable stall for the best matar kulcha pocket in town! Delhiites cannot survive without this north Indian breakfast. Once students from all over the country start living at college, they’re all Delhiites, hungry all the time. This is what comes to their rescue. It’s perfect for short breaks between classes or a quick chai and matar kulcha pocket meal. He’s super-fast in packing loads and loads of pockets. Parked under the shade of a beautiful tree at Delhi fame Diggin’s gates, this little joint is a great alternative to expensive and time taking food options near Gargi College. If you love discovering college food as much as us, check out Mutton Dosa In Delhi’s North Campus!

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This little matar kulcha pocket place has stood its ground for as long as anyone can remember. Everyone here has stuck by through thick and thin serving common interest, and they deserve their due. Head on over for a taste of true DU spirit packed in a matar kulcha pocket opposite Gargi College!

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Where: Opposite Gargi College, outside Diggin, Siri Fort Road

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