We Found Mutton Dosa In Delhi’s North Campus!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 1090

Ever heard of mutton dosa? Delhi really does have everything! Delhi School Of Economics has always been famous for a canteen for a long time. Students live on North Campus food instead of relying on their hostel mess or cooks. Who wouldn’t if the food was this good! The street foods and Hudson Lane cafés have always been eyed by people living far away. Finding out about this mutton dosa is not going to make it easier for them. While you’re there, check out these 5 Eateries Every DU Student In North Campus Must Know About!

What is it

Thin crispy rolled dosa stuffed with a mutton masala is the south Indian fusion of our dreams. It’s the perfect meal for winter mornings paired with a steaming cup of chai. D School canteen has those typical Dilliwale plastic red tables and glass doors which are always open because why bother closing? That’s the North Campus vibe. People are too busy living to care about closed doors and clean floors. The canteen maintains a good level of hygiene even though it would not affect their sales whatsoever. The mutton dosa is just that good. It’s not too oily and comes with traditional south Indian coconut chutney, sambar and tomato coriander chutney. The mutton is minced and made into a yummy masala that surprisingly fits perfectly with dosa. We can’t believe all the places haven’t been serving this all along.

north campus

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What’s more

Apart from the mutton dosa, this North Campus treasure serves mutton cutlet too. This one is a total crowd favourite. We must warn you, if you don’t get there early in the day, both these blessings are going to be out of stock. The pleasure of dining among students and teachers of India’s most sought-after graduate school is tangible. Everybody there is there by choice. You can see conversation spiking up in the heat of the chai. Delhi takes its chai very seriously and D School is no exception. If you love dosas in general, you must try these 8 best dosa places in Delhi!

mutton dosa

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Now that you know of this amazing find, don’t waste your winter over regular samosas and chai. It might be a bit of a commute, but the destination is so worth it!

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