Have You Been To This Iconic 30-Year-Old Chai Stall Of Delhi’s North Campus Yet?

by Tonakshi Kalra
by Tonakshi Kalra 1635

Have a headache? Drink chai (tea). Something to discuss about? Let’s meet up for chai. Feeling cold? Have chai yaar! After all, chai is the solution to everything, at least in the world we live in. Chai (tea) is the most loved beverage in India but Delhiites have strange love for it that can’t be expressed or felt. Delhi has some famous tea spots which are flooded with people all day.

One such iconic spot is ‘Sudama Ji ki Chai near Kamla Nagar market which has been around for over 30 years and is still there because of the amazing cup of tea that it serves. Sudama’s tea has its own fan base among Delhi University students. His tea has a favourable amount of ginger and cardamom which makes it taste amazing. It’s not overly sweet or less.

Image credits: Spoon University

Sudama- A Rockstar!

Sudama’s, as the name suggests, is owned by a very humble man referred by all as Sudamaji. Finding this stall is easier than expected- one just simply needs to follow the crowd. It’s not just college students- families and children and patrolling police cars stop at the stall just as often.

Whenever you’re there, you will see people flocked around this area. We are sure that there isn’t even a single person in North Campus who doesn’t know about this place. Sudama ji serves his special tea for as low as ₹10.

Image credits: Delhi Food Walks

The best time to visit is the late evening hours especially during the winter nights. From cops to students living in nearby hostels and even rickshaw pullers and auto drivers can be spotted here waiting for their chance to get a glass full of the ‘most talked about‘ chai of the campus.

What’s More?

You can also ask for some rusks, biscuits to accompany the perfect cup of tea even to make it more perfect. It’s like an adda of DU where all ‘Chai Sutta Chronicles’ tend to happen EVERY DAY!

North Campus is synonymous with eating joints and places to leisurely enjoy evenings after college, from Kamala Nagar to Hudson Lane to Majnu Ka Tila. Nothing, however, even comes close to beating the popularity enjoyed by Sudama ji ki chai.

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So, if you are on a search of a perfect cup of ‘garma garam chai’ along with a swarm of people who are equally passionate and in love with tea as you are, then surely this is the place to be!


Address: Near Ramjas College, Prof ND Kapoor Marg, Delhi School Of Economics, Delhi University, Delhi, 110007
Timings: 9 am to 10 pm

Cost per cup: ₹10/-

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