This Elderly Couple In Thane Offers Delicious Batata Vada, Bhajiya And More On A Cart

by Shreya Ghosh
This Elderly Couple In Thane Offers Delicious Batata Vada, Bhajiya And More On A Cart

Batata vada and vada pav are a must-try when in Mumbai or nearby the city. Thousands of people have vada pav, batata vada, and bhajiyas every day for lunch or snacks. And if you want to taste the best of these in Thane, you need to be at ‘Auntie’s Cart’ run by an elderly couple. Put an end to your hunger pangs and gorge on delicious Maharashtrian street food from Auntie’s Cart in Thane.

This Elderly Couple In Thane Offers The Best Batata Vada, Vada Pav, And Bhajiyas

Nestled in Thane, Mrs. & Mr. Apte are running this food cart for about 3 decades now. A list of the best street food stalls in Thane is incomplete without Auntie’s cart and needless to say, every Thanekar loves to grab a bite from here. There are simply no words for the foods and snacks they serve here; these are extremely delicious and very affordable as well. Another thing that grabs the customer’s attention is how the elderly couple runs their cart. Mrs. Apte has the responsibility to take the orders from the crowd and Mr. Apte looks after the ingredients and spices and fries them in piping hot oil.

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Things To Try In Auntie’s Cart:

Gorging on a spread of vada pav, a variety of bhajiyas, bhajiya pav, and batata vada with their special chutneys is a must. The chutneys taste delicious and are quite different from what we generally find in other food stalls. They serve a famous spicy chutney, sweet chutney made with tamarind, and the most special green thecha chutney just like the proper Maharashtrian style. The elderly couple makes sure to serve the best to their customers. Each and everything sold in Auntie’s cart is inexpensive and won’t cost you a bomb to taste the deliciousness.

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The stall opens at around 3 pm every day till 9 pm at night. You need to reach there on time as the line outside the cart is usually long and by night, everything gets sold out. So, if you truly want to enjoy the lip-smacking snacks from Auntie’s cart, now you know what to do.