This Expo 2020 Dubai Fan Visited Each And Every Pavilion 7 Times

by Deeplata Garde
This Expo 2020 Dubai Fan Visited Each And Every Pavilion 7 Times

As the pandemic approached its end, many Indian and other foreigners flocked to Expo 2020. The statistics say around 2.5 crore people might have visited the exhibition near the closing week. You can observe many Expo fans revisiting this mega fair several times before the last day on 31st March. One Expo 2020 Dubai fan boasts of having toured all 192 nation pavilions six more times, totalling 266 pavilions.

Expo 2020 Dubai Fan Has Several Expo Passports And Different Mementos

Despite his various adventures, he always discovers something novel to like. Shamsheer Tharachandy Keechery is an Indian expat. Shamsheer is completing the successful seventh round with stamps from all the pavilions on Expo’s yellow passport and various other artefacts. According to Keechery, he has gathered stamps from all of the pavilions on the yellow passport seven times. This makes him qualified for seven white passports. The White passport is Expo’s special edition passport. Expo distributes it free to individuals who collect stamps from 100 pavilions. The Expo 2020 Dubai fan must be another level of dedicated and somewhat crazy to achieve this title.

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Apart from stamps, Kheechery also gathers stamps on the Expo map and raffle paper. Also, he holds three face masks, a kandoora, three hats, a pair of shoes, an umbrella, and a globe. Some Expo visitors may have noticed pavilion stamps on their favourite items as a curiosity. Keechery is no exception.


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Kheechery Is Now A Expo Celeb As Many Flock To Click Snaps With Him

With numerous stamps on his passport and his costume, Kheechery looks like he was born in Expo. Fans roaming around spot him and approach him to click. Many even enquired if he would sell any of his souvenirs to the visitors. Kheechery has been very clear about giving his items to his Highness and no one else. The Expo 2020 Dubai fan portrayed his wish to meet Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

His Highness