6 Most Instagrammable Spots At The Expo 2020 Dubai & Tips To Get Your Perfect Picture

by Krishna Toprani
by Krishna Toprani564

The Expo 2020 Dubai is brimming with beauty, structure and design all over! It can be overwhelming to decide where to go, and of course, where to take the best pictures to capture it’s true essence so we have made you a solid list so you don’t waste your time on a quest for that perfect picture!

1. The Al Wasl Plaza

The main landmark of Expo 2020 Dubai. The stunning dome-shaped piece of architecture is considered to be the world’s largest unsupported dome in the world. Standing at over 67 meters tall and 130 meters wide. The dome structure is also used as a 360° surface for laser projection during the opening ceremony, the largest of its kind, and you will see some stunning light shows at Al Wasl Plaza at the Expo 2020 Dubai.


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2. Switzerland’s Pavilion

Surrounded by shiny, reflective mirrors, a group selfie is a must here. Through its ‘Reflections’ theme, the pavilion brings together visitors from all over the world to physically and metaphorically reflect on the future of our planet. Get your friends and family together while you wait in the queue for a picture with one of the biggest mirrors you’ve ever seen.

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3. Reversing Water Waves

  • The Expo is sure to please fans of The Dubai Mall’s world’s largest choreographed fountain. This 13 meter-high water feature installation is shaped like an amphitheater that feeds backwater during the night. From the center of the waves, hydrogen flames shoot up, dancing to the music composed for the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. This is a truly unique and phenomenal sight for everyone visiting the expo.

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4. Mobility pavilion

Among the most impressive structures on this list, it was designed by the award-winning British design firm Foster + Partners using highly polished curved stainless-steel cladding that was inspired by aircraft wings shape to represent movement and mobility. The pavilion is dedicated to the UAE’s impressive space program and the Hope Mission to Mars highlighting the Arab world’s role in advancing global mobility. It will also be unveiling the future of transportation devices here as well as mobility-related performances and events for you to enjoy.

5. Japanese pavilion

The Japanese pavilion’s exterior is inspired by three-dimensional origami patterns: Arabesque and Asanoha (or hemp leaf) and the theme ‘Where ideas meet,’ embodies the historical connection between Japan and the Middle East with its picturesque structure. While capturing the beauty of the white and symmetrical architectural wonder of this path, you can go for a relaxing stroll.

6. The Russia pavilion

Looking like a giant colorful lollipop, the Russia Pavilion will grab your attention the moment you walk in its vicinity. With the concept of creativity and mobility, the Russia Pavilion is designed to show off the creative minds that are spearheading the country’s future. With colorful lines strapped across its dome-shaped structure creating a motion reminiscent of a swirling psychedelic rainbow-colored whirlwind, you can’t be more creative and youthful than that.

Tips On Getting That Perfect Picture

We’ve shown you quite an impressive spots to get your perfect pictures, and now here’s some tips on how you can capture them!

  • Adjust focus and exposure. Get focused. Nobody likes out of focus pictures.
  • Make use of HDR. It will emphasize your colours and details, thus improving your picture quality
  • Use natural light where possible. Soak in that natural light.
  • Steady your shot and keep your hands steady.
  • Take photos in bursts so you don’t miss the perfect moment. Delete the rest later.
  • Edit images on the go. You’re not going to edit them if you wait too long and they’ll just sit in your gallery.

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